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  1. Narcosis

    TMA RPM Turbo Stang 4 Sale/Trade/Parts!

    Finally came to the conclusion that I need to sell my mustang because i've come into a lot of financial hardship and I need to go visit family out of state and out of country. My loss is your gain. I AM willing to part out. I am also willing to trade for another vehicle, something that is roomy...
  2. Narcosis

    FS: CF Evolution VIII Spoiler & Kawasaki Part Bike

    I know this is not the greatest place to try to sell these...but I'm having trouble selling it on another forum as I don't have reputation there as I do here. I am in need of some money, as my financial situation has gotten pretty bad lately, so yeah as usual my loss is your gain! The spoiler is...
  3. Narcosis


    I just preordered it...anyone else been checking out this game?
  4. Narcosis

    Bankers Manifesto of 1892

    Someone showed this to me...and I was wondering what you all thought of it... The Bankers Manifesto of 1892 Distributed to a private group of elite bankers in June, 1892 " We (the bankers) must proceed with caution and guard every move made, for the lower order of the people are already...
  5. Narcosis

    Swag Bucks

    Anybody try this out? My friend turned me onto this and swears it's legit and has gotten free stuff. It's not like you have buy into anything or install anything, so i've been pretty pleased so far. It's like a surf and get money type thing, but it's not bs. This is my referral if ya feel like...
  6. Narcosis

    Red Stripe Beer

    Any of you guys tried it? I tried it tonight, and it's awesome.
  7. Narcosis

    jewelry 4 sale

    Got em up on ebay...
  8. Narcosis

    apex motorsports

    Hey, i'm trying to get my car tuned by these guys again...but I can't get a hold of them. Anyone know what's up?
  9. Narcosis

    oh boy... let me know if this is a repost. I think everyone needs to read this to at least be prepared. I'm neutral in these kind of affairs...but alas, looks like I was right when I spoke of civil war.
  10. Narcosis

    A must read...

    Found this very interesting article...let me know if it's a repost.
  11. Narcosis

    Question: Coolant Temp Sensor

    Hey guys, I'm really having some trouble with my coolant temp sensor. From what I can tell there's nothing actually wrong with the sensor itself, but my friend who's been working on the car, says that the connector itself is not working. He jumped it, and he got no response from it I guess. He...
  12. Narcosis

    WTS Ipod Nano

    Hey guys, wanted to put up a brand new Ipod Nano. Completely sealed. It's the 8 gig version(2000 songs) in Black. It sales normally for $249, but I need some money, so i'm letting it go for $200+shipping.
  13. Narcosis

    Wts Bov+maf

    Hey, just wanted to put up my used HKS SSQV BOV for sale. Works perfectly and very good condition. Was going to let it go for $100+shipping. I also have a 90MM Cobra MAF if anyone is interested for $50.+shipping.
  14. Narcosis


    Ok I can't seem to find anyone who's mentioned this movie yet...but I say discuss it...even tho it's not out yet. :confused: Anyway...I will watch it.
  15. Narcosis

    Che Guevara

    This was in the news today... I'm curious as to what people's thoughts are on it. I also found this, which seems to be credible as far as the history of his life...
  16. Narcosis

    WTS PS3 games

    I have 3 games i'm wanting to sell, because i'm keeping 3 of the other one's I got(had to get 6 in a bundle). These are still wrapped in their original wrapping, they are 100% brand new. I was thinking $60 shipped is a fair deal. That way you save on tax and shipping. I have Madden 07, NBA 07...
  17. Narcosis

    Your daily dose of news... I guess's no new knowledge to me, but i'm sure it'll at least enlighten someone out there. I also think it's just the tip of the iceberg of corruption in our government.
  18. Narcosis

    fuel questions

    Ok...not sure if this has been addressed before, but if it has it's probably buried knee deep in 50 threads. Anyway, i'm trying to figure out what I need to do to get an 03 cobra fuel tank swapped in, with i'm assuming maybe like dual Ford GT pumps or something. I guess i'm trying to figure out...
  19. Narcosis

    WTS Turbo Parts

    Just wanted to let you guys know that I have some parts for sale that i'm sure someone who is either contemplating getting a TMA turbo kit or building their own would be interested in. Reason for me selling these is that i'm upgrading ;). I also want to point out that nothing that i'm selling is...
  20. Narcosis

    WTB 90-95 supercoupe crankshaft

    Just like the title says, I need a 90-95 crankshaft out of a supercoupe. In good condition.