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  1. Sanchez

    Words With Friends

    - Post up your screen name - Play each other My SN is AbrohamLincoln123. I take all challengers. *EDIT* 19mustang95 = ImAZoe Derick = xXxbtloserxXx GrumpyStang = cmpledger Justin251 = Justin251a Jiggab00 = RandomBrownGuy Domingo = domingoakasunday 1998232v6 = Trevorclr88 BigEZ = elpoepkcalblol
  2. Sanchez

    The Official Would You Smash Holly Thread

    Just like the title says, if you had the opportunity, would you smash with Holly? Yes.
  3. Sanchez

    So now that it's been a couple months

    How do you like the new forum layout? I personally like it now and Im glad the change was made. A couple other forums Im on have made the move to this style and its working out for the better for them too. I actually cant even remember how the old forums looked.
  4. Sanchez

    Katy Perry is a Natural Beauty
  5. Sanchez

    I need help finding someone.

    Ill explain the story in PM only if you have the means to find someone for me. Something has happened in his family and no one knows where he's at to tell him. I have is full name, date of birth, last known city, last known legal gaurdian, and state he lived in. I havent seen this kid...
  6. Sanchez

    Best .mov editor?

    If money was no object, what products other than Adobe would you recommend to edit .mov videos?
  7. Sanchez

    Its about time we posted videos of our pets/Now a snake thread

    Alright I own a columbian red-tail boa and an albino burmese python. Theyre awesome pets. I record 99% of their feedings which ranges from live mice/rats, to pre-killed mice/rats. Here's some high def vids: Red Tail Boa: otQZc-ayoWY Albino Burmese Python: iPhone video...
  8. Sanchez

    Windows install help

    Alright so I format and re-install windows very 6 months. Today while re-installing, windows won't let me choose my regular partition I install on. I get the message on the screen in the attached image. What's the problem and how do I go about fixing it?
  9. Sanchez

    Do You Think Sanchez Should be on a Bill?

    Hell yeah you do, look at this mug: You dont even get a poll, this is happening.
  10. Sanchez

    Best .PDF reader on iPhone?

    What's the best reader in the app store for the iPhone? I can't trust the reviews in the app store because he developers flood the reviews with fake 5-star reviews. Google gives conflicting info. Anyone here with personal experience with a .PDF reader on their iPhone/iPod? My phone is no...
  11. Sanchez

    So Ive been stuck on this for about 45 minutes now Good luck not watching every video uploaded.
  12. Sanchez

    So Ill be in Vegas this weekend

    So Ill be in Vegas this weekend Yup, My wife and I are going to relive a weekend in vegas from a year ago. We start the drive down to Vergas early tomorrow morning. Good times. Probably going to see a show, meet up with some guys on Nellis. Holla at wimminz I dont know. It should be a good time.
  13. Sanchez

    A challenge

    I took an ambien. How long will you give me before Im asleep? I bet I got at least another 20 minutes before Im drooling. I havent consumed any alcoholic drinks or anything else to effect me. Stone sober + 1 Ambien. Any takers?
  14. Sanchez

    j/k Yeah, youre out.
  15. Sanchez

    Spartacus: TV show

    Has anyone else seen this? This show is like if Gladiator and 300 had a baby and that baby was molested by its Uncle, Bad Acting. There's plenty of blood, tits, and fighting however. It almost makes up for the bland cliche characters and boring story line.
  16. Sanchez

    FS: Canon 1D Mark III

    Up for sale is my blue dot (serial 524xxx) 1D Mark III. I bought it thinking I was going to get into sports photography but my schedule dictates that its not going to happen. I bought it second hand and at the time I was told there was 73xx clicks on the shutter. I myself have maybe put 2000...
  17. Sanchez

    What are you currently drinking?

    Grip it 'n sip it. Ive become addicted to these and will drink 2-3 while at work and normally pick one up at some point during the day dricing around town. Its amazing. What is OT currently sippin' on?
  18. Sanchez

    So Ive been looking for a cheap set of wheels

    I have been looking for a cheap set of wheels for a couple weeks now. I currently have the stock 18x7 and Im looking for more of a 17x7.5, maybe 17x8. On these wheels Im going to put on sticky tires for track days in the summer, and snow tires in the winter. During the summer when Im not on...
  19. Sanchez

    So I googled "Wewt" and found this

  20. Sanchez

    PS3 Video Compatability

    Alright so I stream movies and TV shows from my PC through my wireless connection and play it on my PS3 in another room. **** works great for TV shows and pretty much all my movies. However when it comes to playing anything in 720p/1080p (.mkv, .mp4, and .ogg files and such) the PS3 doesnt...