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  1. Tiffany97


    If returning your car back to a stock tune unlocks the tuner then Its unlocked. I would like 200 shipped for it.
  2. Tiffany97

    FS: My 1997 mustang 97,000miles

    I am selling this car b/c It has a blown head gasket and I cant afford to fix it or do it myself. The mechanic said the head is possibly cracked as well but I did not want to pay for them to send it away and find out. So as of now the only issue is a blown head gasket. The car has 97,000 miles...
  3. Tiffany97

    Chrome rim painting question.

    Hey guys! Ive decided to paint my chrome saleens gloss black. The reason for my decission is the chrome looks like **** now b/c of all the brake dust. My question to you is do we sand down chrome the same way we would if they were silver finish? If anyone has any tips or opinions on how...
  4. Tiffany97

    WTB: (2) 275/40/17 tires!

    Hey guys, Im in need of (2) 275/40/17 tires new or used. I prefer to pick up locally but I am willing to check out shipping prices. PM me if you have a set to get rid of. Thanks!!
  5. Tiffany97

    I got engaged!!

    Well last week Feb 3rd to be exact I was proposed to by my boyfriend of 6 years. It was our 6 year anniversary and it was an awesome gift. I had no idea he was planning the proposal but apparently everyone else close to the both of us knew. Anyways I thought id share the good news with you...
  6. Tiffany97

    Im toying with the idea of getting a street bike (ninja 250).

    One of my goals for after I graduate the dental program im in is to learn to drive a motorcycle. Ive been really craving that exsperience lately. Im trying to talk my boyfriend into taking the course with me b/c its something to do together and we would also always have someone to ride with...
  7. Tiffany97

    Sort of torn on career choice. *Small update post 24

    My choices: Certified Dental assistant (CDA) with expanded functions OR Registerd Dental Hygienist (RDH). Current Program: Im currently in the Dental assisting program which is a 9 month program and cost about $6000 all together. Pro's of Dental assistant: Dental assistant is a full time job...
  8. Tiffany97

    My car makes a tweet noise.?

    Ok so my car has started this little tweeting noise. Its only when im stopped. I can be in park or foot on brake and it will do it. I dont hear it when im driving but that may be due to my exhaust. We can hear it from inside the car very well but not from outside the car. Any thoughts or ideas...
  9. Tiffany97

    I cant find a specific part on your site.

    Hey Nick, do you guys sell the vent that goes on our OEM hoods for the 94-98's? I did not find them on your site and Id rather buy from you guys than somewhere else.
  10. Tiffany97

    FS: Rap CD's

    Let me start off by saying none of these are mine they all belong to a friend of mine and they all work perfectly. I would probably never own this many rap CD'S.:lol: 5.00 shipped for each. 112 112 Room 112 Ali Heavy starch Avant Ecstasy Baby face Grown and sexy Bird Man Fast money Bizarre...
  11. Tiffany97

    WTB: 94-98 Vent that goes on hood.

    I lost the little vent that goes on our hoods. Here's a pic of what I need in black.
  12. Tiffany97

    Help,who sells the vent that goes on my hood??

    Besides late model resto, who else sells this part? I cant find it anywhere else. Mine flew off while driving.:mad:
  13. Tiffany97

    Can I remove my a/c compressor my self?

    I was just wonder if this is something we can do at our house or if this is something everyone leaves for a mechanic to do. Its starting to go my mechanic said and he suggested replacing it before it actually breaks. He said if I wait until it breaks than it sends little pieces of metal through...
  14. Tiffany97

    Someone is breaking into cars on my street.

    Ok so latley on our street we have been suspecting that someone is breaking into our cars. Last week I noticed my window was sticking out off of the track about 1.5". So we took my door panel apart and could not figure out why my window would just do that. So I figured someone was trying to get...
  15. Tiffany97

    Need help figuring out a country song?! *SONG FOUND*.

    I cant seem to figure out what song I heard the other day. Its a country song and its pretty new on the radio. Basically a guy sings about how he doesnt care what he does anymore since his woman is gone. He goes to bars goes home with any girl at night and he specifically says "he wanted to wake...
  16. Tiffany97

    WTB: Driver side mirror.

    I need another driver side mirror. My little brother took mine out.
  17. Tiffany97

    315/35-17 tire question.

    315/35-17 Will this tire fit on my 9" rim? American muscle says best fit is a 10.5 rim but does that mean its a no? I searched and did not find, but I feel like this has probably been gone over so im sorry for the repeat question.
  18. Tiffany97

    McCains wife drift races! :eek: The story was on espn early tonight. I was shocked.
  19. Tiffany97

    New sig pretty please.

    I smoked the headlights so I was thinking of a new sig. Im not picky so have fun with it. I loke the dark theme im going with so if it can look like night time or have "join the dark side" in it. Be creative. THANK YOU TO WHO EVER WORKS ON IT.
  20. Tiffany97

    **Smoked my Headlights!! POST 18!! better shots.**

    Ok so my headlights started to yellow and fade. So I decided to use a can of VHT to smoke them for now until Christmas and than ill ask for a new pair of headlights. I did the corners one coat darker than the headlights as you can tell. I might go back and do the headlights to match the darkness...