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    Spying on significant other's phone aka Derick's PT Cruiser

    Is it possible to put some sort of spyware on a cell phone that will relay information to you about the person's actions? If there is, would you do it? Also, if you found out your SO was doing this to you what would you do? Topic that brought this up: lol PT Cruiser
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    Windows 7 problem

    So somehow every folder in my C:/ drive is read-only. I've tried undoing this through folder properties, command prompt, and permissions. My account is the only account on the computer so naturally it is administrator. However, nothing is working despite the fact I'm admin. I'll turn off...
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    Happy Birthday vertstang232

    Happy birthday! Keep doing your job...
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    Women, lies and you.

    I'm sure everyone has their story of a woman flat out lieing to you. Feel free to share as I am. So I met this girl and we talked for a couple weeks before we actually went on a "date." End up back at my house, go a few rounds and she ends up staying over. It seems like we both like each other...
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    Steel Panther

    Anyone here heard of them? They're an 80's cover band that makes fun of all that music. The odd thing is, they're really good and also really funny. They've been on the morning show here in Philly a few times and even got them to play a show. I'm sad I missed the show. :sadpanda:
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    Network help

    Out of no where my wireless card (Linksys wireless-g PCI card) seems to have trouble connecting to the network. It will connect to the router, but then immediately disconnect. It just continues to go through this cycle and never maintains a connection. Everyone else in my house isn't having a...
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    Windows 7 help

    I know we have some pretty computer savvy people here so maybe you can help me figure this out. I went from XP to 7 this weekend. Ever since upgrading it feels like my internet is slower. My ping in WoW is higher, I lag a lot, and d/c a lot. This rarely happened on XP. Maybe it's just a...
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    House M.D.

    Anyone else watch this? I found myself getting really in to it a couple months ago when they were airing a marathon and nothing else was on. Just saw the season 5 finale last night. Can't wait for next week's season premiere. House is a BAMF.
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    Happy Birthday AKward

    Happy Birthday! Enjoy your day.
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    Man calls 911 over hamburger WTF is with these people calling 911 over fast food? I've heard so many of these.
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    Substitute teacher beats up 11 yo over dodgeball Ha ha, awesome.
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    Teens kill lone SEAL survivor's dog I can't imagine how much will power it took not to kill them. I consider myself to have a lot of will power but I would have snapped.
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    The Ocarina of Rhyme

    Some people mixed some hip hop song with the music from Ocarina of Time. Pretty cool concept.
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    Mac BitTorrent

    So for the few people that use Mac and download using bittorrent, do you have ridiculously slow download speeds? I can start a download on Mac and it stays at virtually 56k speeds. But if I go to the PC side, it is perfectly normal broadband download speeds. Any idea what is going on? I've...
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    Braking hard causes parking brake light to turn on.

    Like the title says, if I brake hard, the parking brake light comes on and then turns off when I come to a stop. Any idea what may cause this?
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    Fall Out Boy to play at Northstar bar in Philly Nov 7th

    This upcoming Friday Fall Out Boy will be playing at the Northstar bar in Philly. They are doing a tour of small clubs, much like the ones they played before they got big. I'm going with my room mate. Don't know if there are any other fans here but figured you may want to know.
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    Sad panda smiley

    We need a :sadpanda: smiley! Too many times has there been sad pandas with no smiley to associate with them.
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    How far can you bounce? Teen encouraged to jump. Wow who the hell would actually cheer someone on to commit suicide? That is pretty messed up right there... :disgust:
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    Wheel bolt pattern

    Just a quick question. Will bullit wheels that fit a 99 fit on a 95? Thanks.
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    Happy Burfday Jon98Stang

    OMGHAPPYBURFDAY2U! You are now one year closer to buying porn and smoking cigs...legally. :thumbup: