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  1. tehnick

    bitches be gossiping.

    like, did u hear oxygen went on a date with potassium? it went OK.
  2. tehnick

    Got some new pants.

    Comfortable as **** too. Gets yours here:******-brown-pants.html
  3. tehnick


    It's now available in the US. Got my invite last night and have been rocking out all day at work.
  4. tehnick

    LOL Chris Hansen

    Caught cheating on his wife with a woman 20 years younger. For news links, use Google. I'm lazy.
  5. tehnick

    A reason to practice abstinence.

    Kids like this make me glad my dick is small, dark, ugly, and incapable of getting an erection. :uhh: I'm in that circle of people that will probably never have kids. I like kids, but it's nice being able to give them back to their parents when they start acting like little assholes. I...
  6. tehnick


    Just found out my grandpa died. :( The weird thing is I felt something change in my mood prior to finding out. Like, I sensed something didn't feel right someway, somehow, and then I get that news. I'm in shock right now. It was expected, but it seems when it happens it always catches you off guard.
  7. tehnick

    Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant $325 lowest to get back part of cost of phone, will sell outright for $450 but price in between of course can be negotiated out between bidding.
  8. tehnick

    Melon to the face. :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol: Show that knight who's boss!
  9. tehnick

    Wallpaper Google

    Google now allows you to set a wallpaper background for the site, if you have a google account. I'm using one of my Portland shots, and it loads pretty quick. Nice touch to Google. :thumbup:
  10. tehnick


    The Nosler building exploded yesterday afternoon here in town. For those unsure who Nosler is, they manufacture ammunition. Wonder if this will drive up the cost of ammo? No one was hurt. I guess someone heard something unusual and ordered an evac. As soon as everyone got out, the place went KABOOM.
  11. tehnick

    Write The Future

  12. tehnick

    Birthday Watch. Dan

    Have a good one dude. Hope the day is filled with plenty of nude girls and booze.
  13. tehnick

    Macs are immune to viruses and malware?

    Good thing it requires physical access, but it is only a matter of time before there is a remote exploit found to allow it to be installed away from the physical machine. There's also a rumor that Apple may be in talks with AMD. Since AMD owns ATI and both companies aren't doing too hot it could...
  14. tehnick

    RIP Peter Steele

    Passed away from heart failure yesterday. Didn't find out til today.
  15. tehnick

    Successful DEA Raid!

    :thumbup: :thumbup: gotta keep those street clean and safe, ya know?
  16. tehnick

    10s ne1?

    anyone else like tennis?
  17. tehnick

    People that shoot people... enter.

    Sorry for the spin off. How many of you have actually had to man up and shoot another human being before?
  18. tehnick

    Anti-Gun Senator shoots home invaders. Gotta love the ****ing irony.
  19. tehnick

    It will buff right out.

    Today could have ended up worse since an 18 wheeler would have hit me almost head on, but I'm just too ****ing BT.
  20. tehnick

    I hate the ER.

    Just got home. Had pain like a mother****er out of nowhere. Confirmed blood in urine, stone in right kidney. Excruciating left flank pain, lymph nodes going crazy. Had to get a catheter to get urine and had a CT scan. Fml. I'm glad I'm home now. Ten years ago I went through similar ****. Who...