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    Yeah, how'd that work for FSU and their recruiting class tho? Taggart shot himself in the foot by changing jobs 3 times in a year. [emoji23]
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    Oh Hai. I am surprised that I remembered my password. Still have a Mustang, a 2016 Competition Orange GT that I bought new off the lot. Still single, no kids, enjoying life as much as I can. Still in Oregon. Ducks gonna win the ship soon.
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    Official 2017 College Football Thread

    Hi guys. Go football team!
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    Official 2016-17 College Basketball Thread

    Ducks are good enough to be a final four contender this year.
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    My Day is Awesome Because

    I dig the orange. I wanted yellow and probably could've just had the dealer swap inventory with another one in the state but they only seemed to have the ecoboost or v6 in yellow nearby. I'm pretty impressed with this car. I've been averaging around 20mpg and it's climbing slowly but I do most...
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    what are we driving now?

    Welp, photo is in another thread but I just picked up a 2016 GT in Competition Orange. It has the black accent package and some other goodies. The dealer had installed white stripes on it, gives it a nice touch. Definitely a nice switch from the Taurus I'd been driving.
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    2015-16 NBA Thread

    Not going to lie, it gives me great pleasure seeing the Spurs go home. Not this year, Aldridge. Not this year.
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    My Day is Awesome Because

    Feels good man.
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    The Walking Dead *potential spoilers inside*

    The best "Trevor" cameo was in Better Call Saul, season 1. I forget the actual episode number, but Mike takes a job and one of the guys that shows up to it is him. It's pretty good the way their encounter goes down, and amusing.
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    NCAA Tournament Pickem

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    Terrorist Attack in Brussels

    For one, people weren't allowed to carry on base during the Fort Hood shooting. You're also using a trained soldier who illegally accessed the gun as an example and not some backwoods hillbilly that opened fire at a movie theater. It's quite easy for someone trained to kill to get off 13 shots...
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    Terrorist Attack in Brussels

    That's the only scenario where they have the upper hand against people in a country where the populace is more likely to be armed and capable to stop an attack. Bombs tend to defeat bullets. San Bernardino had the potential to be stopped by an employee who had a license to carry, and if...
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    NCAA Tournament Pickem

    The first round dicked me, but I still have a fighting chance to win the work pickem. Need Kansas to fall in the sweet 16 and Oregon to advance. Or at least Kansas fall in the elite 8.
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    Terrorist Attack in Brussels

    Yes, they should. We're not their mommy and daddy. The rest of the world seems to just expect US involvement or support these days because the warmongers we've had in the past have set that expectation. ISIS can bomb whoever, whenever, and ultimately everyone is going to expect support from...
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    NCAA Tournament Pickem

    Had Oregon and MSU playing in the ship. Ffffffffuuuuuu
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    Official Video Game thread...

    Saw an easy way to get silent assassin in suit only on the final test before the Paris episode, tested it out, and it worked.
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    What is...

    This. I eat a lot of meat, dairy, and starch and have been dropping weight. I've had my cholesterol checked, and other labs done. I'm a healthy fat guy that's getting smaller with continued progress. I've cut out a lot of other BS too and while I haven't cut soda out yet completely, my intake is...
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    2015 Celebrity Death Pool

    Kinda hoping Kanye shallows the barrel of a 45 after Kim leaves him when she realizes you can't clean someone out when they're 53 miles in debt
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    All Things Beer Thread

    As Nick suggested, you can use gelatin to help clear the beer. You can also rack the beer over to secondary and stick in the keg fridge if you have the space to chill it and drop the extra **** out of suspension. Then you can rack it into the keg cold and hit it with gas and let it sit until the...
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    Official 2017 College Football Thread

    I'm betting $10 that Oregon wins it all this season. If the defense steps up and Prukrop ends up being a great plug into the offense as QB, it could be an amazing season. I doubt they'll go all the way, but eventually they have to, right? :/