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  1. davidcseifert

    Comment by 'davidcseifert' in item 'David's Sixxer'

    About 48K right now, bought it from LKQ with 44K on it after the last one kicked the bucket, had a local friend tear it down inspect it and reassemble (nothing needed to be replaced as it was all good) with a decent shift kit.
  2. David's Sixxer

    David's Sixxer

    Engine: Ported and polished heads with 1.9/1.5 valves (269/166 cfm @.600") Barley ported lower intake Windstar upper intake Current cam, Comp 218/226 .5/.5 112 (new 226/234 .55/.56 112 in the works) Cobra 39# injectors stock 4.2 shortblock AC compressor, lines, and condenser removed Tuning...