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  1. Jetsetter

    Jetsetter's SN95 V6 to 4.6 V8 Swap Guide

    Jetsetter's SN95 V6 to 4.6 V8 Swap Guide The perpetual question of to swap or not to swap bounds the halls of Mustang forums since illiterate high schoolers have been losing street races in V6's at the dawn of time. Some key points to note is that yes it is cheaper to buy the car you want...
  2. Jetsetter

    99 Cobra Swap Question(s)

    Wah wah, I searched for it and it's still ambiguous. I'm looking at a 99 Cobra engine into my 03 V6. I have the PCM and all the harnesses. What harnesses need to be swapped? So far I understand it is the passenger side and the main engine harness, accompanied by whatever goes to the...
  3. Jetsetter

    Water Leaking From Firewall

    My car is in the process of taking a racehorseish piss of water out of a plug on the right side of the firewall. Apparently it's normal and it's the condensation from the AC and that's exactly what the drain hole is for but I seriously have a puddle half the size of my car underneath and it's...
  4. Jetsetter

    Non-Rotating Brake Pistons

    I'm doing the rear brakes and I'm screwing in the rear pistons with channel locks and I've rotated it for half an hour and it's still not screwing in. It'll move to the right but it's not depressing. Why is my piston being such a bitch?
  5. Jetsetter

    Project Brokenpony - 1997 GT Drifter

    You guys don't have a forum for builds, I'm assuming because no one would ever build a V6 Mustang, I'll share my project here, and even though it's a V8 I still think it's a valid subject as far as what it takes to build a Mustang for the track. This is my track car. It's a 1997 Mustang...
  6. Jetsetter

    Another 3.8 to 4.6 Swap

    I totalled my GT last night, and while I'm nursing the whiplash I'm throwing around ideas on what to do. One of the options I've come up with is finding a broke ass 96 to 98 V6 and throwing all my crap in there. My GT was still running normally after the damage, so I can basically assume that I...
  7. Jetsetter

    FR500C Steering Wheel

    I'm looking for a smaller wheel that won't explode in my face. So far I'm liking the FR500C wheel. It's straight out of a race car and keeps with my Sparco seats and harnesses. What am I going to have to do to get it on there? I'm fairly certain the hub is not a three spoke deal, so I...
  8. Jetsetter

    New Car

    After a fairly lackluster response for my cry for help in setting up my new car in the Alumni section, I figured I might as well actually post pictures of the thing once it arrived. I'm still clueless on what to do on it, but at least I can say I now have a V6 and a V8.
  9. Jetsetter

    My New Project

    After three months of buying nothing and saving, I bought a 1997 Mustang GT. I've got my V6 still, so this is going to be my race car. However, in my escapade to let out my inner Asian I've selected drifting as my motorsport. So here's where I'd like to ask for some help. Can someone advise...
  10. Jetsetter

    Parking Garage Shoot

    Meh, I need another car.
  11. Jetsetter

    Entire Subframe

    I'm looking at a 2003 Mustang that's been in an accident. The front subframe is obviously bent and will have to be replaced, and I'm fairly certain the rear subframe will also need to be replaced. I can get the car for 1900, and if I were to get it I would make it into a full racecar. Having a...
  12. Jetsetter

    Upgrading the Brakes

    I had a pretty spongy experience at the track today, and when I came in off my first run my brakes were, quite literally, smoking. The scary part, however, was when I came into my parking spot and the brake effectiveness was greatly reduced. After getting cooled off they feel somewhat back to...
  13. Jetsetter

    Shelly Got Low

    For clarification, my car is named Shelly. My springs are very, very, very low. Now I've got fogs to install, but I think I'm pretty much done with my car. I'm looking for a 99-04 shell to build up so I can devote my love into a V8 and I won't have to worry about wrecking my personal car on...
  14. Jetsetter

    Scraping with my Springs

    I'm basically driving a lawnmower. I got the Eibach Pro-Kit and it's installed on my car. I knew that it would lower the car significantly, but damn I didn't think this much. The car is an inch and a half lower, and I've been scraping on just about every speedbump I've come across. From taking a...
  15. Jetsetter

    FPV Emblem

    I saw this emblem and I think I've fallen for it. FPV, or Ford Performance Vehicles, is Fords Australian tuning division, and I assume its like our SVT with the exclusivity of a Mustang GT. This is the rear deck emblem on all Ford Typhoons. I realize it would make no sense on an...
  16. Jetsetter

    Painting the Engine

    So today I painted my calipers and went to a Honda meet. Since my calipers are looking new, I was already in the painting mood. When someone popped the engine on their S2000 I was struck with a bit of mild inspiration. It was a cleanly painted engine. This isn't that new to me, but it's...
  17. Jetsetter

    SCT Xcalibrator 3 Question

    I bought this thing today and loaded up the V6 automatic tune as my car has barely any modifications. The shift points definately feel shortened. The thing now shifts much, much harder. Is this damaging my car? I can't help but shake the feeling that I'm smacking the tranny mounts around and...
  18. Jetsetter

    New...and My Car...

    I'm a long time lurker so I finally stopped being lazy and signed up. This is my car, an 03 automatic with Mach 1 chin and grill delete, GT bumper, Cobra R hood, and of course the stripes. Next week I'll be getting an SCT tuner, although I'd rather autocross than go fast, and I got a whole...