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  1. JonFLStang

    Ryan (atlantic stang) Total's car.

    edit- i didn't see you already had a thread. delete/
  2. JonFLStang

    I'm back :)

    Just not in no ford :p Motor is coming in thursday and the 4l60e and swap parts will be picked up Saturday
  3. JonFLStang

    hey stephen

    Where the **** is my god damn money? It's been ****ing 6 months since you told me you sent the tips and i still ain't got ****. yeah we talked but you also said you were gonna refund my ****in money. Now where the **** is the god damn money?
  4. JonFLStang

    Replica Cobra wheels

    I have two 17x9 00R Cobra replicas with fake wheel locks or wtf ever they are lol. I would like 50 bucks for both. One has a 245/40/17 tire on it. Other one has nothing.
  5. JonFLStang

    Help about registration

    Can someone tell me how to do this. i got no one to ask due to them sleeping. Alright i got a title bill of sale Tag off of the Camaro What else do i need/ need to do to get my Truck registered and all that bs? Sorry im a newb :(
  6. JonFLStang

    Camaro is gone already bahaha

    Sold the Camaro due to insurance sky rocketing. We got quoted for 250 a month and then ended up to be about 350 So i sold it and i got a Ranger 4x4 ill have pics up in a little bit
  7. JonFLStang

    Picked up a Z

    Yup. Picked up a Z28 yesterday. I will have pics later on today. It's silver with hockey stripes down the sides. Already has Intake and Exhaust. It's a 2000 A4 Totally different then the V6.
  8. JonFLStang

    Hooters meet

    I left early and didn't get nearly enough photos Will 19mustang95 Jerry (toten) Can someone say bone stock? ZR1 blower inside a eaton? Forreal. After a while it started to rain,
  9. JonFLStang

    Washed the car and a friends GTO

    She begged me to wash her car for her lol
  10. JonFLStang

    This is for

    you Taylor. get it
  11. JonFLStang

    whos name shouldn't be spoken's new mod

    Spintech side exhaust :drool:
  12. JonFLStang

    New Exhaust!

    New side exit exhaust :uhh: Well I just ordered a set of 3.5 mac tips from someone whom's name cannot be spoken upon lol Came out of the girlfriends house and i was like wtf is that rattling noise. went back there and tapped it with my foot and sure enough.. it was broke. But this time the tip...
  13. JonFLStang

    SN95 94-98 Video. Video is up

    For those of ya'll want your car in another video and your car year is 94-98. Post up your pictures. I want to have all the pictures in by May 5th or so. So the sooner the better. Pictures and video's will work
  14. JonFLStang

    Graves say it aint so :(
  15. JonFLStang


    Well yesterday friends and i went into a community, where houses weren't even being built yet. There were some nasty curves, straights and some good twists and turns. thoughout the community. Well we went through and did some laps and i must say it's fun as hell. I loved it. We did it for about...
  16. JonFLStang

    Pro stars

    Does anyone have a set i can borrow to take a couple of pictures with? I will pay for lunch :D
  17. JonFLStang

    New mod....

    Can you find it? Soooo many miles :((
  18. JonFLStang

    signs of clutch going out?

    Over 3k reving and i push the clutch in., the clutch pedal is hearder than at any other times. Signs of the clutch going out?
  19. JonFLStang

    Tinting taillights

    I searched for a how to VHT. But the real question is. What do i do? I heard some people say sand it down, some others say just wash it down let dry and spray a few coats over it.
  20. JonFLStang

    Waxed the car

    3m Compound buffed it and then used some meguiers Cleaner wax on it. Turned out okay. And it's new home