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    4.2 badges

    I had these custom made many years ago when was first starting out but never put them on and eventually parted out and got rid of the car. If you're interested, PM me an offer.
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    ***SOLD*** ASP Underdrive Pulley ***SOLD***

    ***SOLD*** Fits 99-00 (externally balanced) 3.8 V6. $100
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    RPM Mustangs Cam

    RPM-Mustangs 207/215 110LCA cam. Fits 3.8/4.2 V6. $150 OBO Hear it HERE.
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    Remaining Parts - LAST CALL!

    Went through the garage yesterday to determine what is left. All of this was used in a 2000 V6, though obviously a lot of the stuff works in other models. If you're interested or what pictures/more info, just let me know. I'm not sure what use some of this stuff would be to anyone but since I...
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    **SOLD** Flaming River manual rack & pinion (NIB) **SOLD**

    ****SOLD**** Flaming River Manual Rack & Pinion kit for 94-04. Part# FR1892 with the standard ratio. Pretty sure this only works with V6 and 5.0 cars though, no modulars. This rack is lighter than stock and will let you delete all the power steering stuff, resulting in a a drop off the...
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    Black GT bumper cover and side scoops

    Parts for 99-04. Would strongly prefer pickup on the bumper cover instead of going through the hassle of shipping, but will work with anyone interested. $110 + shipping OBO $35 shipped, OBO
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    3.8 block w/ aftermarket cam, ASP underdrive pulley

    Taking up room in the garage. 3.8 short block ASP under drive pulley installed RPM-Mustangs 207/215 110LCA cam installed Comes with flywheel. The oil pan comes with it but is tapped (For a TMA turbo oil drain line.) $300 OBO Pickup only - Pittsburgh area.
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    Auto Meter Pillar, Boost, Oil, Water Guages

    $120 for everything. As near as I can tell they are a HUGE pain to get out of the pillar so I'm going to keep them together if possible. If you're interested, but not in everything, post or PM me and I'll start a list. If I can't sell all of it together I'll go down the list and part it out...
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    Auto to Manual swap parts - G-Force T-5, RAM clutch, Steeda tri-ax, etc

    I yanked everything out for a guy who swore he wanted everything... and then disappeared off the face of the earth. Everything for $1200 + shipping... would HIGHLY recommend pick up, if you can swing it. 1. Promotion performance G-Force T-5 2. Pedals 3. RAM clutch/Kustom pressure plate...
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    *SOLD* RPM-Mustangs Heads, *SOLD* 1.73 roller rockers *SOLD*

    Heads are SOLD. Roller rockers are SOLD. For split-port (99-04) 3.8 V6. RPM-Mustangs "max effort" ported heads w/full machine work package and .535" valve springs. $500 1.73" adjustable roller rockers $150 Both for $625. All prices do NOT include shipping. Any...
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    2000 Mustang - FULL part out

    If you can name a part and are willing to pay me something for it, plus the shipping, I'll get it for you. Car is my 2000 V6. Most of the performance related stuff I'm trying to offload locally to save the hassle of shipping, but feel free to ask about anything if you're willing to work with...
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    *SOLD*RPM-Mustangs upper intake*SOLD*

    ******************SOLD****************** RPM-Mustangs upper intake (99-04 V6 - split port) - ported, extra crossover work, and port matched to the BBK 65mm throttle body (99-00 V6). (BBK throttle body no longer available.) One of the four bolts that holds on the coil pack sheared off...
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    Ford Racing 80lb injectors

    My buddy asked me to check around for him, he is in need of 2 Ford Racing 80lb injectors. PM me if you have anything.
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    *SOLD*Complete TMA Turbo Kit - GT35/40R race kit*SOLD*

    *****************SOLD******************* I finally got around to tearing down the car so this is all ready to go. My car gained 160 rwhp with this kit at 10psi. Dyno video can be seen HERE. The kit has under 3000 miles on it. Fitment is 99-04 (split port engine). Price...
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    2000 Mustang - turbo v6

    Asking 10k. If you're interested and live near PA:
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    my band is up for a holiday promo... please vote

    My band is in the running for the shooting and production of a music video from a local promotion company. To win it, all we have to do is come in first in votes. It will seriously only take 10 seconds. Just pick Steve Thompson from the drop down list and click vote. That's it. Poll...
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    Feeler thread... considering parting out the turbo V6

    I'll try to gather a full list later, but I'm trying to decide if there is any demand should I decide to complete tear down the car and part it out. It's going to be a lot of work though so I need to look at other options if there isn't enough interest. Major components: TMA turbo kit...
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    99-04 MAC cai

    This is an actual MAC cold air intake, not a cheap ebay model. It fits 99-04 V6 cars. This kit was originally on a car that was wrecked, which is why the air filter is a bit mangled. It was then on my car until I put the turbo kit on a couple years ago. Never had any problems with it. Just...
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    Got a delivery today...

    And now I'm looking forward to some warmer weather. :)
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    power steering pump removal

    Basically, who has done this and what do I need to do? I've searched here and on v6power and the results were not especially helpful. (I'm fairly convinced the search on v6p doesn't work right... but anyway) I'm not sure I ever posted this on here, but at the end of June I had an engine...