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  1. davidcseifert

    Slot style maf sensor

    Slot style maf sensor with pigtail like the 05+ cars use. Will let it go for $50+ shipping/fees. Can also wire it into a 94-04 maf harness if needed for a little extra.
  2. davidcseifert

    Dual fpdm, return harnesses and more

    I have some things i've made/acquired for sale. 2 Plug-N-Play dual FPDM harnesses $230 each 2 Return style harnesses for dual pumps $125 each 1 01-04 traction control button $35 14"-130# coil over springs $65 prices are shipped in the lower 48 only
  3. davidcseifert

    New Regrind cam for sale

    I have a 220/226 duration .49/.495 lift 110 lsa cam for sale. It was cut a while back from a singleport cam and hasn't been used since made. $250 + ship/PayPal fees, located in AR. Can also have another cam cut if you desire different specs but please pm me for that.
  4. davidcseifert

    Main studs

    Looking for the specs on the main studs for the 3.8 blocks (non-supercoupe) length and thread pitch, trying to put together a set for my build. If there is also a kit for another car that can be used that would be nice too.
  5. davidcseifert

    AC deleted

    Well I didn't ever use the junk so a friend and myself just took it off.. It looks much cleaner under the hood and dropped a little weight out too. leftovers engine pic zip tied trans cooler ftw
  6. davidcseifert

    Diablo MAFia

    Selling a Diablo MAFia for 140 shipped, ignore my other junk in photo lol
  7. davidcseifert

    stock singleport cam

    A friend is looking to buy a stock singleport cam, please email him at [email protected] if you have one you want to get rid of.
  8. davidcseifert

    little idling video

    She sounds pretty good when it idles right lol (damn leaks).
  9. davidcseifert

    FS: Pypes Street Pro mufflers

    Wanting to get rid of some old mufflers I pulled off the car a couple years ago, Pypes Street Pro mufflers 304 stainless steel 2.5" offset/offset. Would like 80 shipped for both.
  10. davidcseifert

    FS: auburn 7.5 and bearing/install kit

    Selling my 7.5" auburn diff with the special C-clips required for this carrier, and the master bearing and install kit. Couldn't use due to my 7.5 housing being useless.. Will take 360 shipped for everything. (within the US of course)
  11. davidcseifert

    new cam for supercharger build

    Thinking about this for the new cam, 226/234 duration .57/.57 lift (using 1.7 rockers, .335 lobe lift) and on a 112 LSA. Have a friend with a comp Billet cam I was going to get and have it reground to these specs, it's already on a 112 LSA, or I have a stock 4.2 cam here also has a 112 already...
  12. davidcseifert

    no turn signals, but hazards work

    After the trans install the flashers just stopped working, but I can hit the hazard switch and both the cluster lights and the outside lights work. Is there another type of relay or anything hidden somewhere besides the flasher above the OBD2 port? This has happened to me before and I ended up...
  13. davidcseifert

    I broke something.. again

    Well on downshifts and sometimes upshifts I hear a clunking coming from the rear of the car, steadily getting worse in just a couple weeks since the transmission was replaced. Replaced u-joints still just as bad. Found a used Auburn Carrier with only about 1000 miles on it for $200 bucks (was...
  14. davidcseifert

    used stage 3 heads for 94-04

    Set of SSM stage 3 heads with 1.94/1.56 valves for 94-04 mustang V6's. As you can see one head is not in the best of shape, needs re-welded and hard to tell from the the picture but one exhaust valve started to pull through the seat some and is slightly bent so it needs to be replaced. The other...
  15. davidcseifert

    Intercooled M112 experiment

    I'm pleased to say, that with a large amount of help from Ortiz Performance, we will be experimenting with an intercooler setup that will actually fit inside of the original Lil Roush plate (the lowest plate made at that). Ortiz has been in touch with Matt and getting things sorted out on how...
  16. davidcseifert

    downtime again

    Well after the successful head swap and the car is finally running right on the tune... the transmission decided it was out of here.. I only had it running for a week :/ Was out doing datalogs for Luis then the OD off light starts flashing at about 75mph on the 2-3 shift, everything seemed ok...
  17. davidcseifert

    Finally alive!

    Just finished putting the final pieces back together for the car tonight, and got the first test drive done.... seemed to run pretty good so far just glad to have my car back running here is the first start up and it was pretty smooth, proud of myself, I put the whole thing together haha...
  18. davidcseifert

    guess i'm out $75

    I bought some "arp head studs" from matt99 I get them and they are about .5" too long (in the middle section, meaning they are useless even cut down). Before anyone tries to say anything. They only screw into the block ONE way so no they are not upside down because the thread on each end is...
  19. davidcseifert

    new sixxer family member

    Picked up the new car last night, 2000 model with ~136K miles on it, runs and drives good, mainly just going to be the beater car for times when my fun car wants to be a bitch :uhh: and of course road trips as this one will get a lot better mileage haha It has the old 16" gt rims on it...
  20. davidcseifert

    V6 vs. LS1

    My buddy swapped his 04 gt for a 99 Z28.. and of course he got the chevy mentality quick lol He wanted a race so I gave him one, revved the piss out of the motor to 6800rpms (130ish mph) staying right behind him and was happy as hell, the sixxer is holding it's own against a mid 13 second car...