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  1. billegoat

    My Windstar swap

    Finally got around to putting it all together. Just thought I'd share few pictures. 2004 base 3.9l, bama x4, shorty headers full 2 1/2" stainless exhaust with x pipe and flow master delta 40, t-5, 8.8 Trac loc with 3.73, bama sct x4, the swap gave it alot more low end. Haven't taken it out of...
  2. billegoat


    I used to enjoy looking threw and reading posts on this site.....looks like some sort of bot has taken it over....
  3. billegoat

    Throttle body

    So I know there's lots of threads on this but I still have a question.......I have 04 3.9 with shorty headers, k&n cai, x-pipe with true duals and super chips cortex. I'm doing the Windstar upper......will the mustang throttle body work on the Windstar intake and will the box tune be enough to...
  4. billegoat

    First post

    Been reading the form for a time now....I own a 2004 3.9 5 speed. I've already put 8.8 rear, kn cai with oversized mass flow sensor and xpipes cat back with flow masters, running a cortex Turner. Here's picture of my mustang