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    97 Mustang Gt Los Angeles 3K

    Friend has a 97 mustang gt for sale. Its black with peanut butter colored interior. Will post pics as soon as he sends me some. Its salvage. Has saleen rear fasica and side skirts i belive. Flowmaster exhuast. 5spd:thumbup: For more info if you want to message him directly heres his myspace...
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    94-98 Strut Tower Brace

    I need to get rid of some things. I have a Steeda strut tower brace. Color is ford blue. I will get pic's by tonight. Make me a offer. No Shipping looking to sell locally. Im in Los angeles.
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    Used Procharger for 98 v6

    anyone anyone?
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    Look in here Plz Bad Stang Crash.

    Anyone know MrPhamton on here? Whats his last name. This crash has to many weird things guy has a 01 cobra and his name henry guy was 23 henry is 23 and it was near oxnard were he lives. Henry if your on here head over to lamc people be triping abit...
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    Can someone help me?

    Can someone get me a carfax for this red mach 1 its salvage but i want to know why. Its only 13k guy at dealer said it was from it just being stolen and rims taken away but i dont trust him. 1FAFP42R93F426737
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    Supercharger/ Nitrous kit

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    Lowering Springs

    Any kinda will do as long as the drop is nice.
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    01 Cobra rims SOLD

    For sell offer me a price i will post up pics tonite.
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    How the hell do i!

    Change the fuel filter? Someone help **** i need this out by today i need to fix my car help!
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    Turbo Questions

    1. I want Twin Turbo anyone know if andy does TT? 2. If i run a single turbo setup what numbers am i looking at? I have a stock engine so i know it wont be alot till i up the boost. 3. What other engine upgrades should i do before running high boost? 4. Whats better Procharger...
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    Well after work a slightly modded monte carlo pulled next to me and we raced from a roll. He has and exhuast and intake is all he would give me. He had been talking **** for awhile how my stang would get eaten by his car. So from the roll i took his as about 2 car lengths. After he said he...
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    Im glad i know shady people!!!

    So mom is friends with this lady and her husband does some shady stuff lol to do with illegals :lol: :uhh: Cool thing this guy loves mustangs he has always had one when they show up at my house he had a cobra and a bunch of gts. Heres the cool part!!! He would accept my 98 6er and 2k for his...
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    So i know very little about how much a car is worth. Maybe you guys can help me. Im looking into buying a car from 2000-2004 These are the cars i need help with pricing Mach1: Cobra/supercharged Roush stage 2/3 Saleen Ive been looking around ima go see a red 03 cobra at a dealer...
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    Wtb Cai In L.a

    for a 98 v6 it can be ebay or anyother that is in a reasonable price range.
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    Buying a Stang

    Okay so im tried of have my v6 lol ive had it for 3 months or so, but thats not the point im shoping around for a cobra,or roush any stage and or a mach 1. But i need to get this outta a dealer i found 1 2001 cobra for 19k idk if thats a resonable price. I also found a mach 1 for 17k. So if you...
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    Help Me Out With Some Pics!

    So i want to buy some springs but i want my car to get a nice drop. So can some of you post pictures of how your car sits and what springs you got. It would be better if the replys can from people that their springs cost less then 230$ Which is how much i have to work on my suspension for right...
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    Help me yo

    Im need a place in l.a that sells the kit Octane i wanna get it for my car but dont want to have it shipped. So if anyone can give me a link or something in and around l.a it would be greatly appreciated.
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    Does anyone know the price for the 07 shelby cobra gt500 is gonna be? I work at ups and i just realized they get you a 10% discount off the price tag so im really excited. Also the asking price for a 99-04 cobra? thanks.
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    V6 trade

    So im thinking of getting a gt 02 thats at a dealer. But i was wondering if anyone here traded in another car as a downpayment? Im thinking of trading my v6 its a 98. IT has cobra r rims dual flowmasters mac cai. How much do you think they will give me?