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  1. dvon1981

    Memorial Day Beer Thread

    So what's everyone drinking this weekend? Picked up a bunch of stuff at the store today: Peak Organic Summer Session Saison Dupont Clown Shoes Clementine Brooklyn Sorachi Ace Saison Troegs Sunshine Pils Side note: I wonder if there's anyone here who remembers who I am, guess...
  2. dvon1981

    Anyone know PHP? (solved

    I'm trying to do the following but I don't really know php. I need to parse a value from a url and append to a url on a page. in cases where that value doesn't exist I need to put a default value. I think the code should be something like this. Let's assume the URL is
  3. dvon1981

    St. Patrick's Day Beer Thread!

    Hey all, Haven't done one of these in a while? What you all drinking for St. Patricks Day? I just did a huge stout tasting, read here: Also if you like the article do me a favor and digg it...
  4. dvon1981

    office pranks

    A co-worker and I have been pranking people on their birthdays. We decided to post up some of our accomplishments. You can check out the ones we've done so far here: Anyone have any more ideas for future pranks?
  5. dvon1981

    Using the same 4 chords to sing most pop songs

    I've been saying this forever and showed a few songs but these guys do it really well.
  6. dvon1981

    DTS Master Audio/Dolby Digital TrueHD

    Holy **** this stuff sounds incredible. Just picked up a new Onkyo TX-SR606 receiver. Anyone who picked up a blu ray player this x-mas, it's def worth picking up a new receiver if yours doesn't support the new audio formats.
  7. dvon1981

    Need help with a prank

    Can people just digg this page real quick? It's a joke for someone at work.
  8. dvon1981

    Mother F'er Gmail and PayPal account hacked

    Son of a bitch, So some ****er hacked my paypal account and gmail account, not sure which first. Charged up $2500 in random **** to my paypal which is now in dispute. But in the mean time i have $2500 missing from my checking account. Then I noticed I wasn't getting e-mails to my gmail acount...
  9. dvon1981

    crazy wall graphics! holy crap, what an amazing illusion
  10. dvon1981

    Happy Zombie Day!

  11. dvon1981

    St. Patrick's Day 2008 moved

    So the vatican moved this years St. Patrick's day to Saturday the 15th. It is supposed to be Monday the 17th but that conflicts with a holy week. So what are people's plans for this Sat?!?!
  12. dvon1981

    Cool hip hop/sample music check it out

    Ok ignore the name of the guy/whatever but this music is pretty fun, sorta mashup style of tons of music from a bunch of styles and genres.
  13. dvon1981

    Got a new life

    So massive change for me the end of this month. I accepted a new job with a nice pay increase and just signed a lease on a new apartment. Sorry for the small pics of the apt it's just all I have from the CL ad. Holy life in flux though I move into my place on the 28th and start my new job the...
  14. dvon1981

    excel gurus, text functions in calculated fields?

    I'm trying to determine the 20th percentile value of a calculated field within a pivot table. what I'd like to have within the calculated field is =percentile(field,.2) but that doesn't seem to do anything. Do calculated fields not allow text functions?
  15. dvon1981

    Garfield without Garfield soooo random
  16. dvon1981

    I'm ****ing Ben Affleck

    Jimmy Kimmmel's response to I'm ****ing Matt Damon...make sure you watch all the way through
  17. dvon1981

    1970 Monte Carlo w/ Cummins Turbo Diesel

    Burnout T9--ISeNexM
  18. dvon1981

    Stuff White People Like

    I think this is hilarious and quite true
  19. dvon1981

    Trip to San Francisco

    So I'm on vaca in San Francisco right now, very cool city btw. This city has some awesome beer btw. I'm envious of those of you that live around here now. Some pics I've taken so far: view near my friends place: Trip to Anchor Brewing: I'm headed up to Russian River tomorrow...
  20. dvon1981

    How to brew your own beer in your Kitchen

    Hey all, I've talked about writing this article for a long time, but we finally got to it. Normally I wouldn't link to my site, but it'd be a pain to get all the picture right. We've done a write up that tells you every step of the way how to brew your own beer right in your kitchen. Thought...