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    94-98 H pipe and rear seat delete

    I've sold most everything, but still have these two items available. Pictures show the whole exhaust, but only the h-pipe is left. $90 shipped for the rear seat delete w/ Panasonic 6x9 speakers, and 60 shipped for the H-pipe. Let me know!
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    94-98 MAC catback with h-pipe

    I have an exhaust system all ready to be mounted up to your stang. It's a MAC catback, chrome tips, and mufflers, with the H pipe included. Installation is pretty straight forward. With this h-pipe, just cut the exhaust right behind the cats and clamp it on. Welding not necessary. Ditch the...
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    99-04 H Pipe

    I have one, never been used and still in the box I got it in. I somehow ended up with one of these by accident (I have a 94-95). I'll ship it to you for 60 bucks. This fits 99-04.
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    Various parts for the 3.8L...

    It's been sitting in the garage for a couple years now, and with my first baby due in a few days, I know I'm never going to get back to it. It's a 1995 v6, and I'm looking to unload: MAC catback exhaust. Sounds great... probably the thing I miss most about it. Selling the entire system...
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    Anyone know where I can buy....

    A crank pulley for the eaton m90 setup? I bought a pretty complete kit, and I think that's the only thing missing. I check eBay regularly, but I never find them there...
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    Southern California

    I don't know if I should be posting this here or not, but I'm just curious if anyone knows a good place in southern california that does gear installs. The closer to orange county, the better... but I'm more concerned with quality. Does anyone have experience with shops around here? Thanks.
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    Parting out my 1995 v6, 99+ h pipe

    the 99-04 H pipe is sold I am going to start parting out my 95 v6 automatic stang in about a week, so I thought I would get the part requests coming to help give me the motivation to get it done. It had a small accident about a month ago, so I just decided to take the insurance money and get...
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    Body kit install in southern california

    Pretty simple question... does any one know of a good body shop somewhat near the orange county area that I can trust to finish to install of a body kit, do some other body work and have it painted?
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    This might be a stupid question...

    I was just curious. I ordered a urethane body kit off of, and I was expecting it to be black. When I opened the box it's a grey/cream kind of color. Is it fiberglass?? Or is urethane not always black?
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    Just a quick wheel question...

    Why is it that we don't like 20's on our Mustangs??