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  1. dutch0001mustang

    4.3 stroker kit, forged internals, Scat h-beams

    Hey guys, up for sale is my stroker kit that I will not be using as im selling the car, I have no more time for the hobby between work and school. The pistons are custom forged Wiseco coated gapless ring, comes with pins and locks and were 850.00 from Super Six, they are new in the...
  2. dutch0001mustang

    95 Saleen clone, Precision turbo, real Saleen parts

    I priced this car this low because I dont want to mess around with round and round haggling. The parts list on this car is staggering and im not going to list it all here, just the major stuff. You can see everything thats done when you check out the car in person. The turbo was just rebuilt...
  3. dutch0001mustang

    95 Saleen clone, fully built, SSM 4.3 turbo....dirt cheap, all or part

    Ok guys and gals, the IRS is wanting some money from me so one of my cars has to go and this one is gonna be it unfortunately. LET ME START BY SAYING THIS CAR IS RUNNING AND DRIVING!!!!!! DRIVE IT ANYWHERE. I will sell the car complete with everything, the way she sits or i will part it out...
  4. dutch0001mustang

    kenne bell boost-a-spark

    i bought this kit and installed it and it worked perfectly. i was able to widen my gap on the plugs to .040 at 20lbs of boost with no issues at all and a drastically improved idle and no blow out up top. i sold the car but snatched this back off before they took it. it looks and is brand new and...