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  1. Oblithian

    Snapping Sound (Engine Bay) 2003 3.8L

    Hey so, I have a problem that I haven't been able to find the solution to for 2 years. I checked out similar topics but the answers didn't really make sense. This engine has a sharp snapping sound intermittently while the engine is running, It almost sounds like high voltage electricity arcing...
  2. Oblithian

    2003 Wiring Diagrams

    I have had very little luck finding wiring diagrams online (or for sale) for a 2003 3.8L. The best I can do Is find a pinout for the 2001 pinout and compare it to the engine harness (which I am building a wiring diagram for). The newest edition of the Haynes Manual from 94-04 is basically...
  3. Oblithian

    Can You 'T', OR 'Y' A Vacuum Line?

    I haven't played with vacuum lines much so I am uncertain.... Can you splice another vacuum referenced module (sensor/actuator) into a line without it impeding the other module(s)? Would it require a larger vacuum reservoir?
  4. Oblithian

    3.7L Performance Parts

    I get that it's an American car, and that people only focus on the V8s because of that. But imports have a huge aftermarket for v6s, and it's not as if a cheap v6 mustang doesn't have the potential for high performance. The 3.7L cyclone is a solid engine, it's better for handling than the...
  5. Oblithian

    Hello, all

    So I found myself the owner of a 1996 v6 Mustang as of yesterday. Now I get to fix it. So I am going to go look for the source of the slaping sound it's making now. (I am aware the car is likely garbage).