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  1. djdizzydave

    Anyone tried replacing the carpet in the back where the speakers are?

    yeah so for a small project i was going to see about taking that panel out, removing the carpet and replacing it with either a textured vinyl or leather and cutting out the holes so the speakers can sit on top.. how the Mach system has them. mostly want to do this because i don't like the...
  2. djdizzydave

    Unable to possibly graduate D2 obesity...?

    Heard about this this morning. Really? they are just going to keep your degree from you like that? After all the work you put in, all the money you dropped. I even heard that not only would a class be required, but you would have to actually lose the weight and meet the fit standards...
  3. djdizzydave

    finally got some pics taken.

    leave whatever you feel like. i still have plans for her. this was just a quick stop to get some pics, then played with this Picasa crap editor on my CP.. i lost Photoshop, for now. hopefully these upload correctly, never attempted this way before.. if not...
  4. djdizzydave

    Extreme dimenstions Duraflex..??

    Anyone have personal experience using these products.? i've watched their promotional video where they beat the hell out of the material and it holds up like a champ, but that still doesn't compare to someone's own experience. just curious, looking to get a couple things from there...
  5. djdizzydave

    Turbocharging going mainstreem? better fuel mileage..

    Ford will have 90% of its fleet turbo's by 2013! Sweet. Bout time is what i say. :thumbup: if this has already been posted then my bad. :D
  6. djdizzydave

    last minute drivers and close calls...

    I love it when it rains and other drivers decide it’s a great idea to make a last second decision to stop and make a turn! on my way back from the gym this morning as we get onto the downside of a hill approaching a stop light which is still bout 50 yards away, I see that its red and no...