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  1. CougarStang

    Erratic Idle on Startup (Video link included)

    I recently have been observing an idle issue on startup. Lately when I start the car the engine will try to stall and the idle will bounce. When this happens, I'm observing a loud 'SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS' sound coming from the top of the engine somewhere. If I press the pedal down and level the...
  2. CougarStang

    Finally fixed the center bezel rattle/buzzing

    As most of us know, our center radio/hvac bezel has been notorious for rattling, buzzing, and resonating. Often times this is due to the vent cage coming loose and rattling. The bullittarchive has a good how-to on clearing that up: I found that...
  3. CougarStang

    How To Retrofit HID Projectors Into New Edge Headlights

    Cougarstang’s how-to on retrofitting bixenon HID projectors into your new edge mustang: How to go from this: To this: Before: Lowbeam Highbeam After: Lowbeam Highbeam Disclaimer: DOT-approved headlights that have been altered in any way are not legal for road use. As everyone...
  4. CougarStang

    Coolant Temp Gauge Malfunction

    Hey guys. My old 2001 sixer (now driven by a family member) is having issues with the temperature gauge reading normal right after a cold startup and sometimes not reading right when it's at operating temp. From what I'm told, it seems to be an intermittent issue that happens less often now...
  5. CougarStang

    It's finally alive! Finished HID projector retrofit

    Well it's taken one hell of a long time, but I guess that's to be expected when this project's on the backburner in my life priorities. It also didn't help that I hit about a million road blocks along the way in what I consider to be a particularly difficult headlight to retrofit into. Most of...
  6. CougarStang

    Mach 1 springs + bilstein shocks/struts installed (w/ pics)

    After picking up a used set of mach 1 springs for a budget upgrade to complement my SFCs, I decided to splurge for a new set of bilstein shocks and struts instead of going with tokico blues. Though I can't compare it to the tokicos, overall I'm pretty pleased with the bilsteins. I finally know...
  7. CougarStang

    Negative Battery Terminal Clamp Grew Overnight

    My stock motorcraft battery has been a champ and is still running strong after 8 years. Recently it had a bit of corrosion as expected on the negative terminal. I finally got around to breaking out the trusty wire cap tool to clean it off, but when I went to reclamp it down it wouldn't fully...
  8. CougarStang

    3157 vs 3457 turn signal bulbs in chrome

    I'm surprised this hasn't been discussed before. Has anyone tried 3457 chrome turn signal bulbs with their clear corners? I always hear the complaint that the chrome 3157 replacement is too dim. From what I understand, the 3457 bulb (also comes in chrome through puts out...
  9. CougarStang

    Why is the bullitt suspension kit so expensive nowadays? (UPDATE: need opinions)

    Seems like you can't get it for cheaper thatn $550 shipped. This kit used to be $400 a few years ago. Seems like once went out, the price jumped. What gives? Any ideas on where to get it cheaper?
  10. CougarStang

    How the heck do you pry our headlight lenses off?

    This is extremely frustrating. If I remember correctly, Cliff (Kuplex) and Aereon were the only ones to have successfully done this. I have a nice heat gun that I took to the corner of the headlight assembly and the glue wouldn't budge one bit. The back plastic started to warp before...
  11. CougarStang

    Wired up some LED footwell lights

    Tired of the lackluster interior lighting in our stangs, I decided to remedy this situation with some footwell lights to complement my LED dome light and trunk light. All in all I'm very happy with the way it came out. Here's some pics: Daytime: Night time: Sorry for...
  12. CougarStang

    Wired up an LED trunk light

    All I can say is I can't believe our cars don't come like this from the factory. I'm sure everyone knows how useless our trunk lights are. The only thing you can remotely see in the dark is the front cargo net. Most of the trunk is pitch black at night. So I decided to take matters into...
  13. CougarStang

    Did a brake fluid flush

    All I can say is the result was surprising. This is probably the most overlooked maintenance item. At 84k miles, I couldn't believe how bad the fluid looked. It was a scorched red color and had plenty of chunks of dark residue coming out. Not to mention both front calipers had a hefty air...
  14. CougarStang

    What's the cheapest place to get Mercon V nowadays?

    Not for my car, rather for my old sixer, now owned by my dad. IIRC, I last changed it in 2004 at 40k miles. It has 100k miles now and is way overdue. Back in 04, I remember the castrol Mercon V going for around $3 a quart. Now I'm seeing it for $6ish. I know prices on just about any type...
  15. CougarStang

    #70 bulbs in new edge gauge clusters

    Anyone run these? I've been trying to get a brighter, richer green gauge cluster. As far as I can tell by bulb application charts, the 99-04 stangs use the #37 bulb, which is rated at 1.26 watts/6 lumens. I just plugged in a set of #74 bulbs (rated 1.4 watts, 9 lumens), and it actually...
  16. CougarStang

    Got my subframe connectors welded on today

    Overall I'm pretty happy with them. I went with the maximum motorsports weld in full lengths. Overall the car feels much more solid. No more twisting and creaking over those bumps at an angle. Handling is improved somewhat too. The ride isn't harsher at all either, which is a huge plus...
  17. CougarStang

    Has anyone been able to quiet down their MGW shifter?

    Don't get me wrong, I love the MGW shifter. It's noisy though. I have a cobrabob gasket in lieu of RTV, but tranny whine is still annoying as hell. Every so often a rattle will break through the shifter as well. I know most of this can be attributed to the lack of rubber in the handle...
  18. CougarStang

    Has anyone upgraded their headlight harness? (UPDATED with pics)

    I've seen it done on classics, but figured I'd ask here to see if anyone's done it on a 94-04. It's no secret our headlights are way too dim in stock form. I've been increasingly interested in upgrading the stock headlight wiring to a relay system. I figured a DIYer would be able to do this...
  19. CougarStang

    Anyone have the UPR full length SFCs?

    I can't seem to find any feedback on UPR's full length subframe connectors. Anyone have them? I can get a set for $125 flat, which seems to be decent considering no shipping or tax. Comments?
  20. CougarStang

    Smoked fogs or non

    I can't decide. Anyone have any feelings on going smoked or nonsmoked for the clear fogs on a mineral grey 02 gt? In particular, I'm looking at these: non smoked: smoked...