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  1. hocus65

    Noise !!

    The other morning I had this noise coming from the belt area. It was like a loud whining sound that comes and goes. My first thought it was going to be a tension pulley or idler pulley. So I take the belt off and check the pulleys and they seemed to be ok . So I decided to start the car with the...
  2. hocus65

    Hood Stripes!!

    I just made my hood stripes yesterday and installed them last night. I install graphics for a living so I have access to make my own stripes and etc.. Also I installed some fog lights. I was really happy the way the stripes turned out !!
  3. hocus65

    Interior Painted !!

    Just painted my Interior this weekend !! Came out really good !! Got the paint from which is an exact match to the exterior of the car. Then I gave it 3 coats of clear. I have to install the bezel that goes around the shifter yet !!
  4. hocus65

    Ymr !!

    Just wanting to know if there is any fellow YMR members here !!
  5. hocus65

    2002 Shop Manual !

    Does anybody have the complete shop manual on cr-rom for a 2002 !! Let me know how much you want for it !!