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    Used Ram Powergrip Clutch

    I have a used Ram Powergrip PN# 98467 clutch. Will do $80 + shipping OBO Its probably around half its life. It came used with my transmission that I bought, I think it had 10k miles on it. Plus I put about 12k miles on it over a year. I can't tell the difference between now and when I...
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    How Should T5 'Feel'?

    In December, I did an auto to T5 swap. I got a good deal on the full set and all seems well. However, it seems harder than it should be to put the car in gear while driving. I was kind of thinking clutch drag but I don't know. Basically, from 1st to 2nd, there seems to be a 'lock out' period of...
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    V6 Automatic Transmission (4r70w)

    Pulled from a 2000 V6 3.8 Ford Mustang. Was a working daily driver at the time. Pulled only for a T5 swap. I can also include the shifter, yoke, linkage, block plate, torque converter and an externally balanced flexplate if wanted. $300 OBO
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    WTB: STC Tuner and Tunes

    I am looking for an sct tuner (or similar). I currently have a red sct single chip plugged into my ecu. I would like the current tune converted from that to a handheld flasher (if possible). I am going from auto to manual and also using a new ecu so I will probably need pats disabled as well.
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    WTB: T5 Swap Kit

    This would be for my 2000 v6 stang. Although I don't need all the parts, I would like the kit as complete as possible. Shipping would be to San Antonio. Thanks,
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    Automatic, erratic/hunting downshift

    I have a 2000 auto with 130,000 miles. The fluid and filter was changed at 50,000, 90,000, and 120,000. For about 2 months now (it has happened about 3 times), when coming off of a ramp from the freeway at 70, while coasting, the transmission will start to downshift and upshift back and forth...
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    Clear coat touch up?

    The clear coat is starting to peal around the edges on my rear spoiler. I am thinking maybe get a small can of clear coat paint from auto zone and painting over these peeling areas. Will this prevent farther peeling and or make it look better?
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    Door Hinge Replacement Tips

    My door is sagging and so I bought some new upper and lower hinges from ford. I am painting them right now. Does anyone have any good tips to do the job right? I hear it can be an alignment nightmare. I plan on pulling the fender so I can get at each hinge one at a time. How hard is the fender...
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    Idle Air Control Going Bad Again

    My car is idling high again. Last time it did this replacing the IAC valve fixed it. It had 70,000 miles on it then. Now it has 126,000 and it is doing the same thing. I took it off and used half a can of parts cleaner on it. That helped for about a month but now it is acting up again. Beating...
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    Best Wax

    I am looking for some good car wax. I don't really care about shine or anything I just need what ever last the longest and protects paint the best. My mustang is red and after 9 years it is starting to fade... I have waxed it twice since I got it in 2002. I want to get into a habit of...
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    Wet Sanding Without Powertools?

    I have a few spots on my car that I would like to wet sand but I am not sure how the process should go. From what I have read on the internet you should start out with 1500 grit and sand in only one direction, not in circles (but why?). Then move onto 2000 grit and maybe even 2500 grit. Then...
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    Brake Fluid Upgrade

    I usually bleed my brakes every year or so. This time I am wondering about using some of that DOT5.1 stuff. Is it compatible or worth it?
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    Foggy Headlights, Fix With Clear Spraypaint?

    So interesting thing today. I had a guy at a gas station "de fog" my plastic headlights for me. They were not that bad to begin with since I replaced them 3 years ago (actually I hit a deer). He scratched them up real good with some scotchbrite and then he sprayed some "magic stuff" on them...
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    FS: K&N Airfilter

    It is used but good shape. $25 shipped! Came off of a stock 2000 v6 part # E-0940
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    Towing hitch kit

    I know I am going to get laughed at but does anyone know of a towing hitch kit for 99+ mustangs? I see ford taurus and even geo metros with them. Seems like there would be a kit for a mustang somewhere or all they all custom jobs? :uhh: :lol:
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    Shocks for daily driver?

    I am wondering what all you guys recommend for some nice riding shocks and struts for a stang that is a daily driver. I want it to ride like a cadillac! I really don't do any sport driving anymore and the stock shocks hurt my girlfriend's boobs. How stiff and reliable are gas shocks like...
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    Firmer Shifts = Skeaky Transmission?

    I have been playing around with some chip programs and messing with the transmission shift firmness. I got the firmness where I want it now but I have noticed that on the 2->3 shift that I get a squeak sound. The sound only happens at WOT when I let the transmission shift on its own. I got...
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    You are supposed to change auto tranny fulid at 30k?

    I was just reading the maintenance schedule pdf over on the motorcraft site and it says to change the auto tranny fluid at 30k intervals and change the filter at 150k miles. I thought the fluid didn't need to be changed until 100k:eek: Good thing I did it at 50k, now I am at 90...
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    Octane Plug

    I've been told that there is an "octane plug" some where around the MAF area and it has some kind of resistor/fuse thing in it. Removing it will retard the timing some. Does anyone know where it is or if it is even on a 2000?
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    Who Has NO Detonation/Pinging Issues?

    I am doing a small study. I would like to know who all has never had (or heard) any kind of detonation, pinging, or knocking problems on a stock v6 3.8 mustang. If you could provide your car model, tranny, grade of gas ran, engine maintenance commonly done(or not done). Thanks!