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  1. Oblithian

    How much power can a 3.8l make?

    I have found many threads on this but little conclusive, or generally accepted answers. If anyone finds one with a solid answer, please post a link. It isn't really a 'it can make however much you want' (specially if you want realistic reliability), but at some point something fundamental will...
  2. Oblithian

    04 3.9 Mustang rebuild, need help.

    If you want the car to last, you'll want to rebuild the engine, if the shop inspects the block and says it is in good shape go with that. Otherwise you are just buying a new engine only to then gut it and replace the components. Unless. You are doing a 4.2L conversion, then you might just want...
  3. Oblithian

    Hesitation under acceleration

    Well, I can't see the data log. But most of my vehicles not having OBD2... I would start with ignition system: spark plugs, ignition timing, maybe the coil pack. Then I would look at fuel pressure, then vacuum. Airflow issues usually result in the car feeling 'wheezy' (blocked filter, collaped...
  4. Oblithian

    Sorry I didn't see this. Did you make a thread? Maybe someone else will find it useful.

    Sorry I didn't see this. Did you make a thread? Maybe someone else will find it useful.
  5. Oblithian

    Snapping Sound (Engine Bay) 2003 3.8L

    So far I have only been able to acertain that the sound is most likely either the IAC, or sticking valves. (I really need some kind of audio probe to identify the location, though it sounds like it comes from around the throttle body.) I am going to try cranking it from time to time with the...
  6. Oblithian

    Fusebox dimensions

    Scale wise they look more like 8mm... (unless the standard small size for Ford is 7mm?) Mini fuse dimensions:
  7. Oblithian

    Snapping Sound (Engine Bay) 2003 3.8L

    The charcoal canister has been giving me weird looks lately... The plug wires are also suspect. There is some other work I am going to do (see if that has any affect) then I will check back in. Thanks!
  8. Oblithian

    Fusebox dimensions

    Is it the same size for a '96?
  9. Oblithian

    Snapping Sound (Engine Bay) 2003 3.8L

    Hey so, I have a problem that I haven't been able to find the solution to for 2 years. I checked out similar topics but the answers didn't really make sense. This engine has a sharp snapping sound intermittently while the engine is running, It almost sounds like high voltage electricity arcing...
  10. Oblithian

    2003 Wiring Diagrams

    hmm... I don't like the idea of buying a membership for content that should be accessible in a book, endlessly, for the same price or less. If I have another use for it I will look into it, but I don't think I am not going to pay $30USD just to get some info on a wire. Thank you for the...
  11. Oblithian

    2003 Wiring Diagrams

    I have had very little luck finding wiring diagrams online (or for sale) for a 2003 3.8L. The best I can do Is find a pinout for the 2001 pinout and compare it to the engine harness (which I am building a wiring diagram for). The newest edition of the Haynes Manual from 94-04 is basically...
  12. Oblithian

    3.7L Performance Parts

    Uh...?? Imports having a large v6 aftermarket serves to demonstrate that v6 engines themselves have potential, and interest in the market regardless of where they are from (in other words, people do not exclusively want V8s, this very forum supports that). If there were no interest in V6s, we...
  13. Oblithian

    Can You 'T', OR 'Y' A Vacuum Line?

    I haven't played with vacuum lines much so I am uncertain.... Can you splice another vacuum referenced module (sensor/actuator) into a line without it impeding the other module(s)? Would it require a larger vacuum reservoir?
  14. Oblithian

    Please help me find these part names

    1. Throttle/cruise control cables are usually each sold as one piece but maybe the linkage can be purchased by itself? This miiiight work? I make no promises about the length. 2003 FORD MUSTANG 3.8L V6 Shift Cable | RockAuto Alternatively, Ford may still have old stock, or pick'n pull...
  15. Oblithian

    3.7L Performance Parts

    I get that it's an American car, and that people only focus on the V8s because of that. But imports have a huge aftermarket for v6s, and it's not as if a cheap v6 mustang doesn't have the potential for high performance. The 3.7L cyclone is a solid engine, it's better for handling than the...
  16. Oblithian

    Hello, all

    So I found myself the owner of a 1996 v6 Mustang as of yesterday. Now I get to fix it. So I am going to go look for the source of the slaping sound it's making now. (I am aware the car is likely garbage).