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  1. nikko

    Official Easter Thread

    lol j/k How is this still a thing?
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    You should have them. Brent
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    Family Trucksters

    We need a bigger car. Slightly used, max $25k ish. Mid-size 3-row SUV. 4WD required. Priority given to more fuel efficient models. Looking at Pilots and Explorers. Not a lot else out there that interests me. Am I missing something?
  4. nikko

    Cool article on development of the SN-95

    These horribly misguided front-drive design studies nearly became the Mustang - Autoblog This was a really fun read, including the official press release. Pictures are wild.
  5. nikko - "Under New Ownership"

    All, It is with some nostalgia and excitement that I announce to you that has a new parent. Brent Wilson, a long-time member here and co-founder of Whipp Media LLC, has agreed to purchase the site. Brent is a Mustang enthusiast and experienced forum administrator (founder...
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    Social Attitude Test

    Social Attitude Test Kind of a fun, short little attitude test.
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    Site discussion and fundraising effort

    Amount of $450 goal collected so far: $600.70 You guys rock. We have more than met our goal. Thank you. Please see original message below and post #24 for more details. So, for the past few years I've said several times that I would let everyone know when the time came that the site...
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    Tapatalk Apps Currently Free

    The Tapatalk mobile apps are currently free in celebration of their 4th anniversary. If you haven't yet coughed up the few bucks, now would be a good time to save a few.
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    Further Off Topic has reached GM Status

    That's right, no more Beta releases, it's here to stay. A reminder to please make sure any content that is even sort of questionable is placed in the FOT subforum and not in the general off-topic space. This includes but is not limited to: * Nudity/porn (even links to nudity) * Talk of...
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    Is something broken here or is today just exceptionally slow?
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    Supporting by shopping

    I wanted to take a minute to thank you guys for keeping the site in mind when doing your shopping on Amazon and other sites. For the last few months, your purchases have literally made the difference between breaking even and operating the site at a loss. As a reminder, you can support 3.7...
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    Mexican for Party

    After waiting two weeks, this trick whip finally got off the boat from Mexico and showed up at the dealer today. Unfortunately my wife's sister is visiting and cock blocking me and won't get in the damn car to drive the 30 minutes to the dealer so we can pick it up. Bollocks. Ford Racing...
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    You think EVal will make a "61" badge for this badass whip?

    Ford confirms 2014 Fiesta with 1.0-liter EcoBoost for US Loving it. Pretty sure this will be my new car. Gonna order one in the spring or whenever they come out. 61 cubic inches of fury.
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    Official 2012 Holiday Gift Thread

    Who's getting what this year and where are the best deals? If some of you regulars could keep the site in mind when you do your online shopping this year, it would be greatly appreciated. I'll be honest, we've lost a few sponsors in the last couple months and it's getting increasingly...
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    Happy Birthday Fabulous Dog

    I almost forgot, but your mom posted on FB and reminded me. :taylor:
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    Half-price overpriced coffee

    $5 for $10 worth of soy mochachino americanos at Starbucks
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    Anyone need an HTPC / hackintosh / small PC?

    My wife recently switched back to a laptop and wants this thing gone. It would make a good HTPC or small workstation - the case is about the size of a shoe box. This is basically the parts list for Tonymacx86's "CustoMac Mini 2011", it will (and did) run OSX quite well with a little bit of...
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    Japandian Drama

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    Official Support 3.7 at

    A friendly reminder that you can support the site and help us do things like upgrade to new servers, buy new software, and most importantly, pay our monthly hosting fees by making your amazon purchases through the link below: Online Shopping for Electronics, Apparel, Computers...