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    '00 & '01 V6 Parts

    How many miles on the 01 parts?
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    Road trip update..

    Pretty good, considering the gears, M112, and auto. It just goes to show how much speed affects MPG. Just like my 34mpg trip in my GT a few years ago
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    Leather project

    Pretty slick project. Can't wait to see the results, Cliff.
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    Sqeaking rotors

    Wow, talk about a necro post. That was 7 years ago. I don't even remember posting in this thread
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    Opinion on RSX?

    I drove a type S (circa 2000) and it was pretty fun. Pretty decently priced nowadays too. Give it a serious look.
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    My Mustang GT with exhaust Before/After

    Having a GT for almost 4 years now I can say that the sound of a 4.6 + flows never gets old for me. I still get excited when I start it up.
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    Is this an all-season tire you're referring to? I know some all-seasons are decent in light snow (I have ContiExtremeContacts that are passable in light snow), but no all-season comes even close to what a dedicated snow tire can do for that purpose. If this is a dedicated snow tire that you're...
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    Door Lock actuator?

    Pretty much identical.
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    Head Lights

    Although I never ended up trying, when I first built my headlight harness I used ceramic connectors to handle the heat of higher wattage bulbs. With this setup, it wasn't the wiring I would have worried about, but the headlight housing itself. 80w is a little excessive so I would worry about...
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    Head Lights

    It depends on how much resistance your old wiring creates. In my experience, there was a slight jump in brightness when I installed my wiring harness on my (at the time) 7 year old GT. The fox mustangs tend to benefit more from a wiring harness for a multitude of resistance-related reasons...
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    Half of my retrofit done.

    You can find out how this project ends with plenty of good pictures:
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    Head Lights

    I'm too tired right now to write an in-depth response, but in general blue bulbs filter out usable light with their blue tint and in general, colors in the blue-purple range tend to be rougher on the human eye due to their shorter wavelengths. Check the link in my sig. I think I wrote some...
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    subframe connectors

    I did this also. The type of paint I used also had a primer so I did that first.
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    Battery Cover

    Don't forget it also is for the other end of the spectrum as it helps shield the battery from excessive heat. Thankfully though, most cars aren't driven in extreme enough climates (hot or cold) for a lack of cover to make much of a difference. I wouldn't worry too much if it's missing.
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    What kinda stang will $4,000 get me?

    A new edge GT in decent shape will be tough in that price range. Look for 94-98's with that budget.
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    subframe connectors

    True. I installed my bilsteins and mach springs after the SFCs. The car feels great now.
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    subframe connectors

    SFCs are nice. I must have had high expectations though, because it didn't feel like a night and day difference to me. Still a nice mod for the money. It is nice going over bumps slowly at an angle and not having the car feel like it's twisting.
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    Door Lock actuator?

    Having seen this happen time and time again, I can say I'm 97% certain it's the actuator. The design is somewhat weak and like clockwork these crap out regularly. I'd say go ahead and replace it. Be forewarned, if you have large hands this is a bit of a PITA.
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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but on the GTs the OEM spark plugs were AWSF-32P (later changed to AGSF-32P when they switched to a full thread design). I'm fairly certain the 3.8 had the same OEM plugs. FYI: 32 = heat range (so 22 = one step colder, 42 = one step hotter, etc.) and P means...
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    Ford 3.8L V6

    Cougar also (up to 1997)