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    David Seifert's small 4.2 build

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    My first complete motor build

    Updates you mofo!!!!!!!!
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    What did you get for Christmas thread

    I got a Sweater from the Grandparents, The Princess Bride, some ammo from the wife, and My parents are paying for my CCP. **** yeah.
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    My first complete motor build

    Damn this **** is coming right along now isn't it. Nice work. How'd those LS1 Springs fare for ya?
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    2000 rebuild feedback

    You have to get pistons that a properly sized to the bore. Just getting bigger rings is committing engine suicide.
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    2000 rebuild feedback

    IMO those pistons are garbage. OEM would be a much better option. Scroll to the bottom, they...
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    Project 500

    I think a 4.8 with a cam would be a lot of fun swapped into a sixxer.
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    Summit part #

    You can buy them individually.
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    Aerostar Aluminum Driveshaft

    It's just that you need to swap on your yokes from your driveshaft to the Aerostar driveshaft.
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    Summit part #

    All you're looking for is some 6.125" 351W rods. Just search 351W>Engines and Components>Connecting Rods> Connecting Rods>6.125
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    1998 Mustang Hybrid Fuel System, Problems, and Fixes.

    How about this with some 42# Injectors...
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    1998 Mustang Hybrid Fuel System, Problems, and Fixes.

    For now, here is just the link. I'm going to work on getting the whole thing transferred over here with pics and all.
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    K Member Specs

    Pretty much the reason V6Procharged gave is why I can't/won't go with MM. That, and I like to be different. Different can be expensive sometimes, but in this case it seems to be the cheaper option. That, and I want to run Hotchkis CC Plates, and I'm buying all this piece by piece. I'll probably...
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    K Member Specs

    Because the Team Z don't have the improved geometry. I don't know how much you know about TeamZ but all I hear is that their **** is unbreakable. Like Thor's dick, or something.
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    K Member Specs

    This. This is what i'm getting. Perhaps with some MM forward Offset A-arms.
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    New exhaust set up, opinions?

    I doubt going with Borla would be an error. They sound like sex on all other cars that I've heard them on.
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    My first complete motor build

    it'll be good for what your doing.
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    1998 Single Port to 4.2 Split Port...engine swapped, but won't start. Any ideas?

    Did you replace the fuel pump at any point in time? I know that in the 98's a lot of people (who just don't know any better) try running fuel pumps from a 94-97 which are constant voltage and since the 98 fuel system is a variable voltage like the 99+, the early style pump will **** out after a...
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    Custom upper intake manifold

    Well thats dumb...This gives me another idea though