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    its getting cold in the mornings when I turn on my mustang. it doesn't starts right away like in the summer. any ideas to why?
  2. J

    cobra rear reflectors

    I just bought the rear cobra bumper. but it needs the side reflectors. are they all the same size or they have different from the v6 or gt rear bumpers?
  3. J

    selling saleen rear bumper

    orangr saleen rear bumper few minor scraches from daily use nothing major asking $450
  4. J

    make my cluster light up more

    want to make my cluster light up brighter or at least make it better any suggestions?
  5. J

    am I missing a hose or something?

    is on the passanger side. on the bottom of the transmission fluid. it just started leaking water idk why?
  6. J

    v6 99-04 parts

    selling my v6 side mirrors and scoops good conditions. make an offer
  7. J


    anybody selling cobra parts a rear bumper, seats, and cluster?
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    thinking of lowering my ride any suggestions on what to buy?