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    Weird noise when driving

    Hi again, I own a 2017 v6 mustang with just under 3k miles. When I was driving today I heard a faint squeaking/rattling noise and whenever I would hit a small bump on the road the noise would then get louder and go back to being faint. It sounds like it was coming from the front driver side. Any...
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    Pre-tint window problems

    Sorry for the delay, thank you for the reply. So can those blemishes be corrected? And warranties still wouldn't cover them? Lastly, if they can be corrected who would I take it to, the ford dealership? Sorry for so many questions, the ford dealership I have here has been very uncooperative on...
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    Pre-tint window problems

    Hi everyone, I'm new to posting so my apologies if I mess up. So I got my new 2017 mustang (it came with pre-tinted Windows) last August, I guess because it was my first car and I did not look extremely closely at the car. I began to notice, (can only see it in the morning before 10), little...