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    AMG C55 Trade offer

    Hi a neighbour offered me his 2006 C55 for Trade. Its a Sedan.Nothings Wong with it. Meanwhile I accomplished a few Goals I had and bought a 07GT Mustang. I didnt thought how Crazy it would be and on what of an amazing Journey this GT would Take me. And thats now the Point Long I habe...
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    05.06.2011 should I?

    In germany, the show germanys idol starts and there will be open auditions close to my hometown. It will take place in Karlsruhe....who want to bet that I win or loose the TV show? Dieter Bohlen himself once said that my voice is very rare and hes interested...soooo who like to bet, huh...
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    My new V8

    V8 Now that I have one, the acceleration is...undescribable yeah the sixxer had potencial and was very, VERY fast but you really felt the motor got very fast exhausted. You stepped on the pedal...then it began to run like crazy....but the power faded very fast. With a V8, power is always...
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    STEEDA Q400, 2003 front and rear cobrabumper

    Location is germany, so german stang enthusiasts have now a one in a life time chance to get brandnew parts. These in the link shown parts are BRANDNEW, nothing is wrong with it. They arrived a few days ago...unfortunately I sold my sixxer and bought a 2007 v8 thats the reason why they are...
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    Clutch install RAM HDX

    I cant believe it and Im close to tears....... I had a few weeks this bad shaking problem so I bought a new clutch to replace mine and also I got a new flywheel. We intalled the clutch and flywheel RAM HDX at a buddies house, now surprisingly the shaking didnt go away. Everything was...
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    Vibrations, engineshake no CEL codes

    Okay here we go, since Ive replaced my stock flywheel with the wrong aluminum flywheel I ****ed something up on my car! I replaced the complete clutch and flywheel and bearings with stock ones and then I saw that the TOB got a bad hit, it looked excentric and whobbled when I was turning it...
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    convertible tonneau cover into a coup?

    My Q is > is a boot or tonneau cover for a convertible fitable into a coup? I mean the idea isnt so bad because everyone is seatdeleting and what not but to be honest? Seat deletes dont look so sexy they look fabed way to homegaraged. Now what if someone would buy such a cover and fit...
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    will manual 94 cobra T5 transmission fit my 2000 3.8?

    Like the title say, will it work??? Im also getting the flywheel and clutch and if necessary even the driveshaft. Im just a little concerned because my engine is externally crankpulley got that weight on the flywheel Im not sure, any help appreciated. Thanx...
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    Song requests

    Im taking requests on songs you would love to hear for christmas. As soon the songs are mentioned ...only christmas-songs... a new thread with a poll will be opened and the 3.8 crowd should vote wich song to be performed by me....a capella....;) /Alen
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    Ladies and gentleman...roger rabbitt AKA Joker AKA the fatversion of* I threw myself away looking at this!
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    It is very old but I thought to share so everyone can listen to it! This is talent WOW!
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    2001 cobra tank

    Sorry Admins Im not sure where to sort this thread in so thats the reason it landed in here. Im just courious whats the advantage about to *upgrade* to a cobra fuel tank. Have a deal for 50 bucks...dirty cheap, right?
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    mach one appearance lip

    you want to mod your mustang? in germany? then bleeeeeed buddy prices in least one check this out
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    F 150 upper intake and so on

    Okay since I anyway get the 2.5 inch cowlhood from steeda I want to engine wise, upgrade the sixxer a little. I see opening the hood and having this tiny little upper intake as a super NO..GO so whatabout an F/150 upper intake to have something bigger sitting in the enginebay, bare with me I...
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    what a huge chunk of bondoe can dooo

    check this out.....the diffusor and interrior idea isnt that bad...needs a lill work though LOL
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    oppinions on o3 cobra bumpers steeda q400

    Okay since I purchased from blue oval the 03 bumper kit here> and the steeda Q400 it will prolly take a lifetime till it gets to germany LOL I want to ask you on your oppinion to put stripes in flat black over...
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    Show them your silver 99/04

    I need some exterrior mod inspirations for mine so show everybody whats possible with a 99/04 need to be silver. Im also courious about the colour combinations black/silver. So fellaz hit the post button an show your riiiiiiidez!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    oh man

    There was roscoes green Mustang and someone with a red Mustang also SN95 visiting me or we were coming back from the club or was so sureal I was round the age of 20 and couldnt believe the luck I had...I was in a 3.8 gang 10 years younger, ha,ha. Roscoe set a date to pick me up...
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    do 2009 Mustang seats fit my 2000?

    Will the 2009 GT 45th anniversary power seats fit my 2000 powerseats? I think of a complete swap front and rear.
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    M112 Adapterplate Measurements

    Im pretty long in the engineering buissenes and red many interesting threads about our so called Mini Terminators and their issue to overheat very fast, I decided to take it in my own. So I want to offer those plates cheaper then redicoulus 900 U.S. dollars. Im sure it is EASY doable to get them...