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  1. BRN2RUN

    Comment by 'BRN2RUN' in item 'white 2014 3.7'

    Damn, now that's a sexy car!
  2. BRN2RUN

    Comment by 'BRN2RUN' in item 'Tara'

    Nice! Those are some good 1/4 mile times.
  3. BRN2RUN

    Comment by 'BRN2RUN' in item ''99 Mustang'

    Thanks! We'd met at the Garden City show one time, a few years back. My car has gone through a few iterations (wheels, exterior, etc). It's been at the Pony Corral and Tavern at times, a few times a year. I was at the International Mustang Meet a couple of years back, too, and had registered my...
  4. BRN2RUN

    Comment by 'BRN2RUN' in item 'NOTAGT-Supercharged 375 /rwhp'

    I've seen this car many times at the Pony and Tavern.....I always stop to check it out. I believe we've even met a few years ago.
  5. BRN2RUN

    Comment by 'BRN2RUN' in item '2003 3.8L Mustang'

    Nice! I like the shaker hood. Are you running stock pistons/ rods/ bottom end on it? I watched your videos--they're well done, high quality--nice transitions/ edits, too. I liked the average day reminds me, I think, of what we all swore we'd be doing when we got old enough to own a...
  6. 1991 Thunderbird Super Coupe

    1991 Thunderbird Super Coupe

    Like many 3.8 Mustang enthusiasts, I was drawn to the knowledge of the T-Bird Super Coupe through its use of a supercharged Ford 3.8. Obviously, power can be made on these engines. Now that I remember back, I remember my barber, Jean, saying that he had a supercharged Thunderbird, back in the...
  7. '99 Mustang

    '99 Mustang

    I had bought my '99 35th Anniversary Mustang in about June of 2011. When I bought the car, I thought that it was already pretty much customized by the previous owners to how I wanted it to be. Finished for the most part, in other words. Well, not quite! The pictures here go from left to right...
  8. BRN2RUN

    Comment by 'BRN2RUN' in item ''88 Thunderchicken'

    I love those old Aerocoupe styled cars from '83-'88.
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    Comment by 'BRN2RUN' in item 'First Love'