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  1. pirate63

    Roush A.B. or Borla Atak a.b? which has less drone?

    I have Borla S axlebacks and zero drone. Borla exhaust systems are not cheap but you get what you pay for, high quality materials and flawless craftmanship.....and oh so wonderful noises......
  2. pirate63

    Axel Back Exhaust

    I went with Borla S axlebacks and could not be more pleased. They are on the expensive side but you get what you pay for. Beautifully made with 304 stainless steel. They look great and sound even better. No drone at all but deep throaty music when you hit the pedal. I have installed many other...
  3. pirate63

    New badge for the S550 grill. Will installed on Saturday!

    The quality is very nice with this badge.
  4. pirate63


    2016 coupe and 2003 convertible pony edition
  5. pirate63

    Comment by 'pirate63' in item 'Yellow Pony'

    2003 V6 Pony Convertible
  6. pirate63

    post up your past and present Mustangs

    2003 V6 Convertible Pony Edition 2016 V6 Coupe
  7. pirate63

    New member longtime Mustang owner

    Hello, from NC. I now own a 2016 V6 auto.
  8. pirate63

    Comment by 'pirate63' in item 'Yellow Pony'

    New member, longtime Mustang fan and owner. My current Mustang is a 2016 3.7 V6 auto, Triple Yellow Tri-Coat.
  9. Yellow Pony

    Yellow Pony