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  1. ShapeShifter

    wheel chop

    Hey guys, I have a chance to get these wheels and I know they look great on the sn95's but unsure how'd they look on my new if somebody can hook me up with a chop... hopefully these angles work of my car... Thanks, Roy
  2. ShapeShifter

    SOLD:03/04 Cobra Mirrors

  3. ShapeShifter

    WTB: 99-04 Fuel Door Stoppers

    Since I have a Bullitt fuel door, I had the little black rubber stoppers(screws w/rubber) removed and now that I want to go back to stock, I seem to have misplaced said screws...anybody have some laying around...? Thanks, Roy
  4. ShapeShifter

    WTB: Stock 01-04 Spoiler

    Hey everyone looking for a stock 01-04 Spoiler, prefer it to be YN silver metallic. thanks.
  5. ShapeShifter

    FS: Autometer Gauge Cluster 150 Speedo

    I have in my possesion an autometer lunar gauge cluster, for 99-04 GT's/Machs/Cobras. Anyways, its a little dirty from sitting in a friends garage floor for almost a year,lol. Looking for $75 shipped. Will try this out on my car to make sure it works. Sorry No Paypal, I no longer have a...
  6. ShapeShifter

    WTB/WTT:Stock 17" Starfish Wheels

    Like so... I have a set of stock 03/04 Mach 1 wheels, great condition I would trade.
  7. ShapeShifter

    AM Discount Code

    Wondering if any AM Rep would PM the "forum discount code"...? The one I was using has already expired, Thanks. :)
  8. ShapeShifter

    Couple Pics...

    Sadly not many of my car. So, I decided to post up pics of my buddies cars. First up is my friend with the CO Mach upgraded to an 04 Mystichrome late in 09... CO Mach Next is the AB Mach owner, sadly he got rid of the Mach for something a little more pocket friendly...98 Cobra...
  9. ShapeShifter

    Color Change Request.

    Would Like The True Blue Bullitt To Be Changed To Saphire Blue Like the SN95 Below It... Ex. Of Saphire Blue... Thanks!
  10. ShapeShifter

    Wheel Chop Please

    Wondering If Anyone Can Help Me Out With A GOOD Photoshop of Some Chrome FR500s on My GT... Thanks.:)
  11. ShapeShifter

    NFL Sig Request...

    I've noticed a few NFL sigs on here, wondering if anyone can make one for me...Dallas Cowboys.....? Would Prefer, DeMarcus Ware, Marion Barber and Roy Williams (WR) in the sig. Thanks! :) :thumbup:
  12. ShapeShifter

    *SOLD* Mach 1 Gauge Cluster, 5spd *SOLD*

    Mint Mach 1 Gauge Cluster from a 5spd Mach, 7k Redline This works on auto's and manuals, I currently have it on my auto GT. SOLD Thanks
  13. ShapeShifter

    sn95 & Comp Orange Mach DUW!

    My friends and I tried our hand at a photoshoot, as you can tell from some of the shoots we need work LOL...either ways, enjoy! Will post more later.
  14. ShapeShifter

    New Wheels *New Pics Post #97* *Saleen Wheels Back On*

    Picked up a set of 18" Anthracite Bullitt Wheels from a friend, they were mine previously but since he traded in his car I got them back on the cheap. 2 Pics for now, need to setup an actual shoot but I'm not that great in snapping shots or have a fancy ya go! ... I've tossed...
  15. ShapeShifter

    FS:Roush Delete

    $35 Shipped Looks Like This...
  16. ShapeShifter

    Buddies Mach w/Exerior Upgrades New Pics Post 44!!

    and few of another buddies 03 Cobra... Mine, Basically the Same Pic Tho....Haha! And One of My Buddy's Pic from the Track. Enjoy!
  17. ShapeShifter

    FS:Magnaflow Tips *SOLD*

    Magnaflow 3.5" Tips, from the actual Catback....around 2k miles on em at the most...they were tack welded but welds were cut off nicely...will post pics up tonite. As most tips they do have road debris stains and scuffs but will clean them as best i can. Looking for $60 shipped
  18. ShapeShifter

    FS:SLP Tips *pics added*

    I have a pair of SLP Double-Walled Tips, Great Condition except for one minor ding on the bottom of one tip, not noticeable when installed tho. Will clean them up and post some pics by tonite. Looking for $80 shipped. pics added:
  19. ShapeShifter

    FS:Autometer Gauge Cluster 99-04 V8

    Selling my autometer lunar gauge cluster for $300 shipped+your stocker...
  20. ShapeShifter

    SOLD:03/04 Cobra Mirrors YN Silver.