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  1. JeDanRo

    LTB Caster Camber Plates

    looking to buy CCPs that will fit my '96. Hit me up here, or email me at [email protected] Thank you.
  2. JeDanRo

    Power door convert into manual door?

    Anybody know how difficult or if it is even possible to take a previously power door, and convert it into a manual door? My door on my 96 is trashed from previous owner and bad door pins and bushings. I found a free replacement from a 94, but it is power. I thought about just plugging it in, but...
  3. JeDanRo

    Will it work?

    Probably been talked about before, but, I have a 96 3.8, stock exhuast, been keeping my eyes open for good deals on parts to help me go dual, then this morning I find this..... So, does any one have any experianced based opionions as to 1. If it will work, and, 2. What problems might arise...
  4. JeDanRo

    Flowmaster 10s?

    Looking for anyone with 94-98 running FM series 10 on stock headers and cats. Any mid pipe, but I'm especially looking for opinions on straight (divorced) duals. I've seen some YouTube clips, the seem great on start up, but I want to come to the guys whose opinions I trust the most. Thanks in...
  5. JeDanRo

    E85 opinions, please?

    Ok so my 96 has no major power mods as of yet, but I was wondering, what is the pros and cons of running e85 right now, aside from a buck less a gallon. I know a tank doesn't last as long as unleaded, but aside from that...? Does it really rot the fuel lines and gaskets like I've heard it does?
  6. JeDanRo

    3.8 can't take a beating??....

    Just had a guy on a Facebook site say the following; "...while as a daily driver, the sixxer is a good motor, it is not built for performance, and doesn't handle a beating well, I never recommend spending money on a sixxer for performance parts" Just for the sake of opinions, and because...
  7. JeDanRo

    Parking brake problem.

    I finally replaced my parking brake, got a whole handle and front cable assembly, took a minute to get both the cables into the clip, but now, with the brake not engaged at all, I'm getting some grab on the brakes. It's like I'm riding the brakes. Is there a way to adjust this?
  8. JeDanRo

    Free mod/silencer tube

    Ok, I've searched this topic, and I seen a couple DIY projects that were slammed or applauded, and silencer tube removal was mentioned, but I want to focus on just the tube removal, so my question(s) is; Silencer tube removal, have you done just that to your intake? Is there a noticeable...
  9. JeDanRo

    Clutch Arm Dust Seal/Cover

    Looking for one of these. Some call it an inspection plate or a dust cover, goes on a T5.
  10. JeDanRo

    Clutch Fork Dust Seal

    Looking for one of these. Some call it an inspection plate or a dust cover, goes on a T5, going to place a thread in classifieds as well, but wanted to maximize my coverage. Doesn't seem to be much activity on the LTB threads.
  11. JeDanRo

    3.8 single port TB

    Window shopping for a after market throttle body for my SP 3.8?
  12. JeDanRo

    Mechanical/Tuner problem question.

    So my mechanic is ready to turn over my car, he went to plug in tuner and it's locked to another vehicle, so I have to send it in to get it unlocked. My question is; with 24# injectors installed, is the car safe to start with out the tune? He is concerned that it may pump too much fuel and wash...
  13. JeDanRo

    50 years video????

    So.....anybody else see this video yet? Thoughts? Video: 50 Years Of Mustang Evolution | StangTV
  14. JeDanRo

    Chipped Pinion

    So I finally found a LSD and they cam with a set of 3.73s, well low and behold, there's a chip in the pinion gear. So my question is; is this going to matter? Would you use them, or go through the headache of trying to swap them out. I've seen "for sale" post where gears were sold with chips in...
  15. JeDanRo

    The people of V6Mustang.

    I just wanted to take a moment to say how great this forum is. V6M has helped me greatly both in education, and with upgrades. I have found many how to's and parts for my '96. It is almost put back together, and I know that I will love my ride even more because of the people and help I found...
  16. JeDanRo

    Short throw kit.

    I'm also looking to buy a short throw drifter kit for my T-5.
  17. JeDanRo

    [Found]7.5 LSD 28 spline and gears

    Looking to buy a limited slip diff for 7.5 28 spline rear end. I'm also looking for a set of gears. I'd prefer 3:55s but they seem hard to come by, so I will take 3:73s.
  18. JeDanRo

    What is my gear ratio?

    Looking for some help on how to figure out if my rear end is 7.5 or 8.8, and what kind of upgrades are there for a lok style LS? Thank you in advance for any help you can give.