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  1. Sonic232Stang

    Original members

    Wandered in because of a old email. Is any old members still around? Crazystang, drewsstang, relik, autobadges, etc. Too many great ones to name but I hope all is well with everyone.
  2. Sonic232Stang

    Old member saying hello

    What's up guys and girls. It's been a long time.. Just stopping in to say hello. Some of you guys never leave!
  3. Sonic232Stang

    Whats up fellas..

    Its been a while. Just wanted to hi to all of you again. I can see that some of you guys never leave! :cool::thumbup:
  4. Sonic232Stang

    Wow its been a long time..

    I haven't posted here in a while, just wanted to say what's up to all my old buddies. Hope everyone is doing fine. :thumbup:
  5. Sonic232Stang

    Pics of the goat

    Here's a couple of pics of the new ride. Whatcha think fellas.
  6. Sonic232Stang

    Got a another new ride..

    As some of you know i kept the mustang and its in the garage at home. It's paid off and going to be a car for my lil bro who turns 16 in 2 years. I ended up buying me a truck 07 new body style ext 4x4 silverado (pics below). Well i couldn't resist the deal i got on a 04 GTO 5.7. Bought it for...
  7. Sonic232Stang

    Ipod question!

    Guys how would I transfer songs that are saved (downloaded) to my ipod? Is this possible?
  8. Sonic232Stang

    How many of you are in sales and what do you do?

    I've been in sales for about 5 years now. I'm just curious to see how many people are in sales, what you do and if you like it.:D
  9. Sonic232Stang

    when does the time change??

    just want to make sure, i thought it was tonight.
  10. Sonic232Stang

    SO I bought a new vehicle...*cell phone pic* added

    First off I don't have pics yet, but I just recently purchased an 07 Chevy Silverado 4x4 Z71 for myself. I've already put a 6 inch Superlift and have the wheels on some Nitto Mud Grapplers. I've also installed a billet grille, exhaust tip, black painted mirror covers and a bull bar for the...
  11. Sonic232Stang

    Who uses their credit/debit card for Paypal?

    Is it safe? I wanted to add my debit/credit card from my bank but I wanted to see if anyone has had any problems this way. Right now I do everything by echeck and it takes forever. Thanks.
  12. Sonic232Stang

    Opinions needed on a Trailblazer SS I want to buy...

    Here's a couple of pics of it, I'm in the market for one and I hope to buy it soon. There is 2 shades of blue, one is (06) superior blue and the other is (07)imperial blue. I like them both but I think I'm going with superior blue. I'd have to go with an 06 if I did though. Superior blue...
  13. Sonic232Stang

    Transunion credit score, whats good...whats bad?

    I know there are 3 bureaus, and they are scored differently so whats a good, decent and bad score from transunion?
  14. Sonic232Stang

    Need to replace tires....I need something quick and cheap

    I want to order from and I need 275/40/17. Out of all the one's there I only want to spend about 100-120 per tire since I don't drive much. I have Toyo T1S Proxes and there are too expensive for me. What tires do you recommend? Yokahama Sumitomo Kumho Avon Tech BF Goodrich...
  15. Sonic232Stang

    Anyone drive a Trailblazer SS ??

    I fell in love with the one I saw today and I want one now. WHat do you guys think about them? Anyone have one? Post pics for me.:D
  16. Sonic232Stang

    Weird symptoms in my cousins Dodge SRT-10...

    His miles per gallon increased from saying 10 mpg to 23 mpg! When he was putting gas the lever kept clicking like if it was full when it was actually on empty....anyone have any idea what the problem is? Sugar in tank maybe?
  17. Sonic232Stang

    Any idea why my Musicmatch Jukebox isn't working?

    I try and open it and it doesn't open up. It shows that its open on my Task Manager when I open it, but the program itself will not open. I just recently got cable internet and I updated my internet explorer to 7, but I doubt that has anything to do with it because it worked fine...
  18. Sonic232Stang

    People with Business degree's what do you do?

    I'm currently looking for another job and I was curious to what everyone with a B.A. in Business is doing? I have friends with business degrees that are car salesman, in computers, etc. It seems like everyone is doing something different. Thanks.
  19. Sonic232Stang

    What is everyone's plans for New Years Eve??

    I'm going to go back home with my family. I've been partying it up for the past years and I want to spend it with my family. I'll still get drunk, but it'll be with my family.:thumbup:
  20. Sonic232Stang

    Anyone ever change out the front endlinks?

    It seems like mine are pretty much screwed, there's some racket I hear going on in the front and I'm sure thats what it is.