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  1. DerangedGoose

    2015 mustang unveiled

    I dig it, a logical progression. Now that the GT is a $30k car + with IRS, I wonder if the base model will be a v6 or ecoboost 4? They'll probably keep the live axle for the base model, methinks. 2015 Ford Mustang GT [w/videos] - Autoblog
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    CyptoCurrency thread -- Bitcoins, Litecoins, other altcoins

    Anyone here involved with cryptocurrencies? I'm in the process of gathering parts to build a Litecoin miner. The algorithm that litecoin uses (scrypt) is apparently more difficult to hash with an ASIC miner, and thus the big guns have yet to be brought to bear on the coin. It is the second...
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    Amazon Prime to use drones to deliver packages under 5 lbs

    Is this for real? Will be interesting how they handle the inevitable catastrophe, but I suppose its no different from your delivery guy causing a really bad wreck or something--thats what insurance and settlements are for. Amazon Testing Drones For 30 Minute Delivery Using Service Called Amazon...
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    Prosciutto is the best pork product on the planet

    I just ate $30 worth of prosciutto in 3 days. I think I have a problem.
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    EQUUS BASS770 - Camaro/Mustang/Challenger hybrid for $250K Their website: The car itself isnt bad but I cant take this price tag seriously when the company that invented the engine they are using already built a...
  6. DerangedGoose

    Language Game - see how many languages you can identify by ear

    I always liked doing this when I was out and about:
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    Telsa releases press statement with details on hypertube transport system

    Perhaps its a pipe dream (har har), but its a way better idea than that stupid maglev **** that will never happen in California, especially assuming the cost figures are accurate (which they almost never are, especially with california labor involved). Paper has a rundown of most facets of...
  8. DerangedGoose

    NeverWet: pretty much the ultimate waterproofing spray. Seaworthy for a year?

    In addition to this video, they claim it makes electronics waterproof and certain applications have remained dry after being in seawater for a year (not clear whether this was seawater in a container or the actual sea): Very impressed, whats this made of? And how are all the chemists so...
  9. DerangedGoose

    Teen sits in jail for months without trial for joking about killing kids on FB

    Kid gets into an argument over videogames, some kid says hes messed up in the head, kid responds with "oh yeah Im real messed up kill a school full of kids lol JK", some stupid bitch from CANADA reports him to Texas police, he gets thrown in jail for months with no trial, house is searched and...
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    World Cancer Research Fund declares processed meat highly linked to colorectal cancer

    Page 21 sums up highly correlated dietary risks: Seems MSG and Sodium Nitrate are huge culprits as far as processed meat goes. Interestingly enough, the USDA tried to ban sodium nitrate as far back as the 70s, but of course the...
  11. DerangedGoose

    Reddit girl mad because junkie boyfriend sold her for drugs and she didnt know

    The guy is obviously a turd but shes a dumbass of epic proportions: TIFU by agreeing to have sex with my boyfriend's "best friend" : tifu My response:
  12. DerangedGoose

    Do you think we'll ever advance beyond toilet paper?

    Aside from the 3 seashells, which sounds like a terrible idea anyway. A discussion with friends brought up an interesting topic, namely, that despite all our advancements we cant find a more economical or efficient solution to buttwiping than toilet paper. I know they have reusable toilet paper...
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    Shots fired, officer down @ MIT

    There's a Shooter on the Loose and an Officer's Been Killed at MIT - Adam Clark Estes - The Atlantic Wire
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    Female bounty hunters blind fugitive in arby's in HB, CA and get sued

    ABC news story: ‘Lipstick Bounty Hunters’ Face Accusations After Confrontation at Arby’s - ABC News Youtube: Stupid bitches are lucky they didnt get jumped and killed. What if a rubber bullet had hit a kid or a person? How is it really even legal for these people to be...
  15. DerangedGoose

    Bulgarian politician survives point-blank assassination attempt when gun jams

    Live at a news conference, suspect is then beaten in front of everyone: One of the top comments is a ****ing asshole "there was no need to beat him down like that"
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    Did anyone watch it? I missed the premiere, wondering if they stream episodes online?
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    List of Common Misconceptions -- Ketchup vs Mustard

    Educate yourselves. Great ones about humans, science, and stupid ****ing valleygirl words like "irregardless" List of common misconceptions - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    The Rise and Fall of Jeremy Hammond: AntiSec and Anon's most talented hacker

    The Rise and Fall of Jeremy Hammond: Enemy of the State | Culture News | Rolling Stone I cant say I agree with his rhetoric, but I think its incredibly important we have people like him and Julian Assange around in the interest of the balance of power. People will make the argument that...
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    My parents are looking to get a gun. Questions within, should this be in gun thread?

    Now that my parents are older and I won't be around as much, they've decided it might be a good idea to have a gun in the home. I think they will go with a handgun for now; there isn't really room for a rifle cabinet and a handgun would be more easily kept accessible. My parents are familiar...
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    Old man executes 2 teens breaking in, waits a day so "not to disturb police"

    WHAT THE ****: Minnesota man who killed teens in break-in charged with murder - U.S. News Developing details: Nicholas Brady, Haile Kifer Murder Could Be Tied To Earlier Burglary, Police In Minnesota Say Basically these teens had been breaking into houses regularly, he shot the boy...