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  1. The01Cav

    New shot of the Stang

    Took the mustang out and got a couple pics, this one was my favorite.
  2. The01Cav

    Pics and a video of my new exhaust sytem

    So I had a shop fab me up a custom exhaust setup to mate up to my Kooks headers and Catted X-pipe Setup is tig welded 2.5" stainless piping by Vibrant Performance. Vibrant Performance 1141 Ultra Quiet Resonators used as Mufflers. Vibrant Performance 1793 Bottle Resonators used as Mid Mufflers...
  3. The01Cav

    Updated Look on the Mustang

    It's all together now and got the new wheels on, i'm pretty happy with the new look over all. GT front and rear bumper, CDC aggressive chin spoiler, 3dCarbon rear valance, Roush Grille, Downforce Concave wheels
  4. The01Cav

    Stang Magazine Mayhem "Delaware" 4/19/15

    Sunday, April 19at 9:00am Dover International Speedway Dover, Delaware 19901 Come join us at Dover International Speedway for a tour and chance to get your pony on one of the steepest tracks in the country. Although laps are paced, this is an opportunity that you don't want to miss. Cruise...
  5. The01Cav

    Bought some new mods for the 4.0

    So I picked up some new mods for the Mustang. I ordered a set of Kooks long tube headers "ceramic coated" and a catted x-pipe. Also bought a borla touring catback for a GT and a set of prothane motor mounts. I have the mounts and the catback, but I am still waiting for the headers and x-pipe...
  6. The01Cav

    05-10 Flowmaster Catback, Chrome Shorty Headers 4.0

    Looking to sell a Flowmaster catback and Chrome Shorty headers off of a 2009 4.0 Mustang, System has less than 2000 miles on it. I am asking $550 for the complete package picked up or $90 for the headers and $500 for the catback. I would prefer to not ship the parts if at all possible. I am...
  7. The01Cav

    Topspeed Pro-1 Headers Installed

    Headers are on the mustang. I also was able to get it out over the past weekend and have some fun with it. Exhaust before headers. Exhaust after headers.
  8. The01Cav

    New Wheels and Tires

    I'll let the pics do the talking.
  9. The01Cav

    Time slips from the track last friday

    So here are my timeslips from Cecil County Dragway last friday Sept 6. Mods are JLT Intake, SCT X3 93 Tune, Dynomax true dual exhaust with X-pipe.
  10. The01Cav

    Final Exhaust Setup for the mustang

    So I am looking to start collecting parts to redo the whole exhaust system on my mustang., the headers supposedly are 1.75" runners with a 2.5" outlet vs everyone else's 15/8 with a 2.5" outlet. The brand is supposedly decent and used a lot in the 350z/g35 community as well as e46 community...
  11. The01Cav

    Super Six Motorsports cams Do they lope?????

    Does anyone know if the cams for the 4.0 from super six motorsports lope much or not? I know there isn't too much of a increase when you go with forced induction. I would still like to do the top end though if i'm gonna go through with the engine down the road.
  12. The01Cav

    Spring time fever

    So I was having a bit of spring fever yesterday and in light of that I installed these chrome tail light trim bezels that have been sitting in the house since they were given to me on christmas day. I also gave the car a much deserving bath.
  13. The01Cav

    Car show March 16 Delaware

    Home Page
  14. The01Cav

    05-10 JLT Intake for 4.0

    I am looking to sell this Gem in the picture below. It's a JLT intake that is missing the crank case vent hose. It's for a 05-10 4.0 V6. What you see in the picture is all that is included with the intake. I am asking $125 + shipping for this intake and I am firm on my price. I would like to...
  15. The01Cav

    Couple pics of my 09 UI Pony

    Here are a couple pics of my UI pony as it sits.
  16. The01Cav

    Not another Newb.....

    Hey all just another newb here, my name is Larry and have a 09 V6 mustang. Current mods are listed in my signature.