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  1. MattG99

    4.2 parts

    I had a build going on . As much as i hate to give up on anything i have to let this go.No the wife is not making me sell the stuff but I figure the money from this will help us get into a house. Besides the parts im going to list il be returning my car back to stock form...
  2. MattG99

    SC crank rods and main bearings

    Here's my original post on V6p, I tired posting this here the other day with a failed attempt. SC crank, rods and bearings - V6Power Messageboard
  3. MattG99

    3.8/4.2 parts

    picked up a 4.2 motor while back and thought i would try to get rid of some the things i dont need. these parts have around 190k miles on them and would be good for a rebuild. sorry for the horrible pics will post better one if needed and i will try to clean them up as best possible before...
  4. MattG99

    some pics from TX2K11

    heres a link to some pictures i posted over on SVTP from this weekends TX2K11 event, hope you guys enjoy TX2K11 - LIVE Photo Coverage! - Page 6 - SVTPerformance
  5. MattG99

    WTB- 99-01 cobra front bumper

    like the title states im looking for a 99-01 cobra front bumper in decent shape. it does not need to have fogs and bezels i already have them. let me know what you guys have
  6. MattG99

    WTB: 99-04 GT lowering springs

    like the tittle states im looking for a set of lowering springs for a friends bullet. if you have a used set please include the mileage on them
  7. MattG99

    few items needing a good home

    i have a few parts that im lookin to get out of my garage, im willing to trade for a short throw for a t-5 t45 and or cd deck. i think everything is fairly priced i have a stock ford trak loc out of an 02 GT with 20k miles on it, it has been sitting here for about 3 years will take 30 for it...
  8. MattG99

    FS: stock 28 spline T-lok

    i have a stock 28 spline T-lok from a 02 GT with 20,xxx miles on it, askig 65+ shipping. will post pics if need be
  9. MattG99

    misc. interior items

    i have a few items out of a sn95, buyer pays shipping dash pad with radio bezel and a center console that is gutted, glove box and defrost vent 150 rear deck cover 20 sterring colum with key and turn signal assembly 100 headlight dimmer control 10 BCM 50 dome light 20...
  10. MattG99

    stock 99 upper intake manifold

    i have a stock upper intake manifold off of my 99 that is for sale, i can do 80 shipped for the upper alone and will include the stock throttle body and tps for a 100 shipped
  11. MattG99

    stock split port heads

    have a set of stock split port heads with about 60k miles on them, looking for 105 shipped will provide pictures if needed
  12. MattG99

    Gauging intrest

    i have a ported upper and lower intake that i purchased not to long ago that i will have up for sale within the next few weeks maybe even a month. the intakes where purchased from members on here. both upper and lower were painted black. they are both gasket matched and im only selling them...
  13. MattG99

    changing colors

    i recently bought a 02 center console for my car, i couldnt find it in the grey that would match my cars dash and all that i could find was black. is there a paint that i can use that is identical or similar to the grey found on my 99 dash?
  14. MattG99

    my fog light install

    ive had my front bumper for a while now but i never got fog lights for it, so a few months ago i finally picked up the bezels and lights for 60 bucks off another forum. installed them and tell you the truth it makes a nice difference from not having them to having them. i got my pig tails from...
  15. MattG99

    looking for a thread

    im tryin to find a write up on how to move the HVAC controls to the lower pocket can someone point me in the right direction or cut and paste the thread in here, thanks