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  1. Lazarus

    I Can Break These Cuffs

    You can't break those cuffs. Rwaaaaghaaaaaaaaa! Watch these in this order: Enjoy :thumbup:
  2. Lazarus

    Age of Conan MMORPG *Servers Open*

    I preordered it last night after alot of people told me that it really is as good as it was thought to be. So I'll be getting it on the 21st (next wed.) If anyone else has preordered, maybe we can get something 3.8 going on AOC. Just be sure to play on the main PvP server: Tyranny...
  3. Lazarus

    Atheism - The Official Thread

    Anyone that would like to come in here and discuss life, what's happening around you with your five senses, please do so. Ask any questions you want and we can all answer them together. To start, let me give you a brief explanation of where current day Protestant Christian beliefs come...
  4. Lazarus

    Hemp Facts (Interesting stuff)

    Compliments of Stumple Upon (TM) #12 is crazy MARIJUANA COULD BE USED AS VERY EFFICIENT FUEL!!!!
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    For those who Support the Illegalization of Drugs
  6. Lazarus

    14 Characteristics of Facism Hmm :/
  7. Lazarus

    Religious FAQ

    All of your important questions answered. MAKE SURE YOU READ THE DISCLAIMER
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    FS: 87-93 Cervinis Cobra Bumper&Wing

    This is for a buddy of mine, pls PM me if interested. Thanks :) Hey Everyone, Gauging interest on any buyers for a Cervinis Cobra rear bumper and Cobra Wing for the Fox. I bought both new direct from cervinis 2 years ago and have to give up the dream of converting my gt into a cobra. I...
  9. Lazarus

    NFL Week 4

    Sunday, September 30 Time (EST) Tickets Network Channel HD Channel Home Away Westwood One HOU @ ATL 1:00 PM BAL @ CLE 1:00 PM OAK @ MIA 1:00 PM CHI @ DET 1:00 PM NYJ @ BUF 1:00 PM GB @ MIN 1:00 PM STL @ DAL 1:00 PM SEA @ SF 4:05 PM TB @ CAR 4:05 PM KC @ SD...
  10. Lazarus

    NFL Week 1

    Well It's 12:30 CST so it's football sunday. I know we already had a week 1 game, but last season we started these individual threads on sundays. So now their back! This thread is for this week ONLY. As always, heres the schedule: Week 1 Thursday, September 06 Time (CST) NO 10 @ IND 41...
  11. Lazarus

    Oil Type 4.6 SOHC 97

    Hey guys I'm a bit confused here. The 97 GT I bought didn't come with the manual in it.. I'm getting two different answers on oil type from Autozone and Oreilly's. 5W-20 and 5W-30. Which one is it? And, if I've already bought the 5W-20, will it work? Thanks
  12. Lazarus

    First Weekend in College, Smoked Weed for the First time

    Well I was way passed drunk, and this girl suggested that I should. I said hell yes. I took a hit, felt nothing 5 seconds later. I was confused, I thought it was instant. Anyways, long story short I finished the thing I was smoking (not sure if it was a blunt or sweet or w/e) but when it hit...
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    Yo no Quiero la Ducha Apparently the Taco Bell dog doesn't like showers :/
  14. Lazarus

    I need a sig.

    The only pics I have are here. I don't have a camera so hopefully one of you photoshop masta's can do something with cell pics. I'd appreciate anything thanks.
  15. Lazarus

    My GT Vert *WIP*

    Well guys here is my new-old GT. It's a 97 vert with 75k miles, a strong engine and tranny. As far as mods go it's got longtubes-highflow cats-bassani X-pipe-2 chamber flows, stock exits. It also has a 3.73 diff and a ford racing chip (93 octane tune). Anyone know what that would put to the...
  16. Lazarus

    Your fogged headlights (ANY YEAR)

    Get rid of your fogged headlights. I'll take them. 94-98 5$+shipping 99-04 10$+shipping Cobras 15$+shipping Let me know. :thumbup:
  17. Lazarus

    Taking off stock emblems?

    If I take off the stock GT emblem (97 Gt on fender) will the paint come off. I just got it painted and they left that one on. I have a replacement emblem (this sticky kind from Autobadges) and It definently wont cover if the other emblem rips the paint off. Please help kthx.
  18. Lazarus

    94-98 Headlights

    Mine are fogged as hell. Lemme know. :thumbup:
  19. Lazarus

    What Color?

    I just bought a 97 GT Vert. The engine and transmission have 70k imles onthem and the car runs stong, with nothing internally wrong with it. HOWEVER, the car was left in the sun for an extended period of time. I spent the entire day today, and will spend tomorrow feathering, sanding, and...
  20. Lazarus

    96 v6 for parts or whole *SOLD*

    Hey guys. I wrecked my car, it has decent damage in the front right as you can see in the picture. the very end rail of the fram is bent slightly. Both airbags deployed, and the hood, right fender, bumper are ruined. Other than that the engine and transmission were not harmed, along with every...