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    Changing the Cabin Air Filter

    Check on passenger's side underneath/behind glovebox. That's where the return air is, probably is somewhere in there.
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    V6 decal

    Yeah we have some in stock
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    Is it time yet?

    Talking about the new phpbb?
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    Paint Job Price..

    yeah that's a real good price.. around here the price for a good paint job is $2k for the same color as current color. $3k for new color.
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving guys. :microwave:
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    New Member

    welcome to the site!
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    Start up Ticking

    hmm... mine did this before and quit after a couple weeks. Is it only when you first start it? What about if it's already warmed up?
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    new to V6mustang...

    welcome to the site!
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    Today I danced with a birdbath...

    "I ran over an ipod because my family thinks I'm stupid anyway."
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    Happy Birthday Taylor!

    Happy birthday!
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    Number of registered users

    yeah.. here's what I did I deleted all the spam bots Deleted all users who have not logged on in 2+ years.
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    Featured Stang on front page

    lol yeah.. it's in the works
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    Yeah it can be removed.
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    V6 decal

    send me a PM with your name/address
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    V6 decal

    Yeah, all orders should have been resolved
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    Now own 2 mustangs

    I love the interior, triple black with leather. I'd like to see it lowered and new wheels.. but not sure how much we're going to do.
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    Now own 2 mustangs

    It's a 2000 It's in between red and burgundy.. not sure what it's called. It's a standard- she's picked it up pretty quick and she really enjoys driving it now.
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    Mustang Forums

    Just a note... Especially during the SN95 era We wouldn't have mustangs around if it weren't for the v6 model.
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    Now own 2 mustangs

    hehe no we haven't. We will soon