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  1. norstang

    Weekend fun ended in the 9s

    Went racing this weekend and had a great weekend. The slowest run I got was 10.6, not bad for the first run of the year. Then on the last run I lost by about 29" but I did a whooping 9.99 with a dial-in at 9.99, haha. The speed was 132.137 MPH (showing KMT since I'm in Europe) Still running...
  2. norstang

    Fuel injector size

    I'm thinking of tuning my other car with E85 when I add my supercharger. Planing on running around 11psi, what injector size should I use? 42, 44 or 60? It's a '95. It got a nice big cam and heads and intakes to match.
  3. norstang


    Just got invited and guess I have to say hello to everyone in here, hehe What is there to say, I own a '94 coupe V6 and a '95 conv V6, one a little faster than the other.