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  1. WhiteSaleen248

    Getting a new laptop... Maybe a Mac

    Mac has a special now. (I know because I work there) ANY APPLE STORE. Go in and tell them your a college student. You will get ~ 10% off the computer, Free iPod Nano ($179, 2gb), Free HP Printer ($99.99).
  2. WhiteSaleen248

    Ipod related Q.

    google is your friend. There are many programs now that are called iPod jack/hack something of that sort. They are free too.
  3. WhiteSaleen248

    Free: 1 year of 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords Magazine

    I've ordered from this place before. Great service, and they don't bs around. :thumbup: :D
  4. WhiteSaleen248

    VIDEO: HONDA V6 VS. G35 2-Door

    MODS: Honda V6 2006 Accord 6-Speed. Injen intake. G35, 6-Speed: Stock, 19" Zenetti Wheels / 245/40 all around, 400-500lb. radio system. When they passed the camera they were at approx. 100-110 mph.
  5. WhiteSaleen248

    My Car Is Clean

  6. WhiteSaleen248

    WTB: Diablo Chip for 99+, For reburn

  7. WhiteSaleen248

    what would you do if you found your loved one cheating on you?

    Depends on the situation, but only some extreme curcumstances would I forgive somone who did that. I think that you should however get over it and find someone else. I would not be able to trust anyone who has cheated on me before.
  8. WhiteSaleen248

    R.I.P. MrPhantom died in a car crash 6-6-06 :Everyone can pay thier respects here. :(

    NEXT TIME YOU THING ABOUT RACING OFF THE TRACK. DON'T. RIP (he was the one on the right)
  9. WhiteSaleen248

    R.I.P. MrPhantom died in a car crash 6-6-06 :Everyone can pay thier respects here. :(

    What a tragedy. I've had the privelage of meeting Henry at two 3.8mustang meets (SoCal). He was a truly nice guy, very comical and so lively. Ouch, I am truely at a loss for words. RIP. Henry Chavez
  10. WhiteSaleen248

    Bought a 2003 Yamaha R6

    Thats a great price. I am actualy looking into getting the new R6 with the exhaust that comes out below the seat :D :thumbup: . Its just that people here in Los Angeles don't watch where the FKKK they go. :mad:
  11. WhiteSaleen248

    SoCal: Last minute SOLD OUT Wango Tango Tickets

    De La Hoya fella's. Oh yeah.
  12. WhiteSaleen248

    12 second cars for 7k or under?

    Im sure it can be done. Buy a civic/integra/crx and something of that sort. Im sure you can find a shell for 1k or something. Then put 6k into the engine, strip it of parts except the front driver seat. And walla! 12 second car.
  13. WhiteSaleen248

    07 Shelby spotted in MI

    It seems to be two in a row. One vert. and one coupe. Check the third picture with the red cobra conv. next to it. :D :thumbup: Either way, can't wait to see them here. 475 hp.
  14. WhiteSaleen248

    New girl to the board

    All I got to say is good luck :lol: :uhh: :disgust:
  15. WhiteSaleen248

    Weed bust in TN. PICS! Check out their setup.

    Wow, they were systematic about everything. Very organized rows of marijuana. Thats just too bad. :thumbdown:
  16. WhiteSaleen248

    TI-92 calculator

    send pictures to . I have parts to trade :)
  17. WhiteSaleen248

    Which Caliper is Better?

    They are the same, only difference is "cobra" or the pony. I think the ponies cost more.
  18. WhiteSaleen248