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    Boca Raton, FL or surrounding areas of that city...

    I lived in Broward from 96-2007, It was great to grow up in but we lived in a very "stepford" area (Weston). Like ferguson said the spanish inhospitality is ridiculous. It used to be contained to southern Miami but every time I go back to visit my folks it seems to spread more north. Speaking...
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    Bold Predictions for 2012

    But... But... My birthday is to significant
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    Rate the latest movies you've seen...

    Tin Tin - 9/10 Pretty exceptional movie, kept me very entertained.
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    Official Video Game thread...

    yup im also on The fatman but on empire side, and I am currently 1200 in que. I just wanna play :(
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    What do you have memorized?

    All of your moms phone numbers......:taylor:
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    Longer video of UC Davis protest/pepper spray incident

    This video for me really highlights some of the problems with collective action. In a world of self-interested people how are we supposed to cooperate for the greater benefit? Individual self-actors who pursue their rational self-interest will lead to irrational collective outcomes. Which in the...
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    Post your first world problems

    I can't eat ice cream in a cone because it gets all over my beard :(
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    Official Video Game thread...

    Ill take the beta code i forget to sign up for that ****.
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    No Shave November

    i already haven't shaved for about 3 months
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    Official 3.8 Tattoo thread.

    Yea I knew I would hear this, good thing I won't have to go back to middle school or I would probably hear it a lot more.
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    Official 3.8 Tattoo thread.

    lol my hair was pulled up it normally covers my neck
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    Official 3.8 Tattoo thread.

    Here it is about an hour after, it's really swollen but all done. It's kind of a weird angle In this pic I'll get another one when it's healed.
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    The Walking Dead *potential spoilers inside*

    I want them to introduce the bitch with the katana :O she is awesome
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    Post A Pic Of Yourself 2011

    The water proof housing will be sick. I wish I knew some people down here to take some in water shots.
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    Post A Pic Of Yourself 2011

    you still trying to learn how to surf?
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    The Official Battlefield 3 Thread

    Before you even posted that video i had a feeling you would use just the M4A1.
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    Official 3.8 Tattoo thread.

    Thanks guys I'm really looking forward to finishing it!
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    Official 3.8 Tattoo thread.

    This was 5 hours, still have about another 6 till its done. The dates are getting covered but i was thinking of incorporating them in shorthand on the license plate. Not sure yet
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    My Day is Awesome Because

    Getting tattooed Going to zombietoberfest It's good enough with those two