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  1. DanF

    engine swap

    Well it's not the EGR, engine is shot, so now time to swap motors, question I found a 1993 3.8l with low miles auto trans, will it fit in my 1998 3.8l manual trans, I want to keep it manual, what all will I have to swap to make it work? or is it plug and play?
  2. DanF

    egr tube

    I have a 98 mustang 3.8 v6, my egr tube got screwed up, I put a egr delete kit on, but still have problems, do I need to unplug anything? also does anyone know where to get a egr tube? from exhaust to egr? thank you..
  3. DanF

    Throttle body ?

    Ok so I've polished the ports on the heads {took a little casting off}, and ported the intake, my next question is, Throttle body, has anyone used one from a 5.0 on a 3.8 engine? I'm wondering if it will bolt up?? thank you..
  4. DanF

    Might be a stupid question..

    OK so I blew my intake manifold gasket, so I've stripped the engine down to the block,,heads off, going to lap the valves, port and polish the heads, and intake, My question is, I've been running synthetic oil, now I'm going to have to drain the water and oil out of the block, I know to change...