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  1. BRN2RUN

    WTB 25 percent underdrive pulley/ harmonic balancer for 99-00 3.8 Mustang

    WTB 25 percent underdrive pulley/ harmonic balancer for 99-00 3.8 Mustang. This is the externally balanced one with the harmonic balancer. Would preferrably like the belt with it, but will still buy it without.
  2. BRN2RUN

    Has anyone ported their stock or aftermarket manifolds/ headers?

    I ask this because after looking at a FelPro exhaust header/ manifold gasket, I've noticed that the welds from the flange to the header tubes are very crude and would otherwise prevent exhaust from properly exiting the port, if you were to open it up larger, almost to the gasket. BBK, at least...
  3. BRN2RUN

    Used Ford Racing 3.73 gears, rebuild kit, friction modifier--$100

    I've had these laying around for a year since I went to 4.10's--used 7.5" Ford Racing 3.73 gears, Ford Racing rear end rebuild kit (bearings, shims, etc) and a spare bottle of friction modifier: Very good condition, no chips or anomalies on the gears. $100.
  4. BRN2RUN

    Ported/ polished Gen 1 ('89-'93) T-Bird supercharger, plenums and intercooler for sale

    Ported and polished Gen 1 ('89-'93) T-Bird supercharger, intake plenum, return plenum, supercharger top, and intercooler for sale. The intake plenum is ported/ polished (all the way through, with a flexible drill bit extention) to also accept a 75mm throttle body at the opening, though the...
  5. BRN2RUN

    '99 Mustang build

    I'll update all the things that i've done to the car, previously (including the porting/ polishing work on the intakes, and the thread of the ongoing head work that i'm doing). Today, for a fun project, i'd started work on a DIY ram air duct that goes into the passenger's side foglight area...
  6. BRN2RUN

    Revving/ shifting to 6000 rpm?

    The shifts on my Bama tunes shift at about 5500--even the race tune. On an automatic, some people have said that they have revved/ shifted up to 6000 rpms. I'm on stock springs right now, and would only rev to 6K in the first couple of gears (ie: no extended time when the car would be at the top...
  7. BRN2RUN

    T-Bird SC 3.8 build

    There's more about it in my garage, so i'll try to limit this (mostly) to the ongoing build. I wanted this car as an FI car to mess around with and improve upon, and hopefully to de-mystify them a bit, in case anyone is thinking about doing a swap. Originally, I was thinking about doing an M90...
  8. BRN2RUN

    My current build (head work, etc)

    All of my past specifics is listed in my garage area, so i'll devote this to current and future modifications. I'd recently bought a used set of ported and polished heads off of another member here, to work on. Whoever had worked on these before, had did a pretty good job.....including bowl...
  9. BRN2RUN

    4.10's--don't fear the gear

    I've been at my build for the last three and a half years now, and I've tried various things. One of the more interesting things is seeing how gearing changes the car--I had the stock 3.27's, then 3.73's, and now 4.10's. One of the things that made me hesitant in going to such a short gear, was...