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  1. Jarryd

    2010 Death Watch

    My buddy just got me a number for a lawyer that got him out of some heroin charges. I should be able to work this out. And as for TBR, I have your messages blocked. I just saw the second one because you replied after me.
  2. Jarryd

    2010 Death Watch

    That is where I buy my pot.
  3. Jarryd

    2010 Death Watch

    I doubt it, suicide has been on my mind for several months. would have happened sooner if i wasn't getting ***** but when that stopped, the feelings got worse.
  4. Jarryd

    Do you like to scare your friends?

    I've scared my friends a few tiems, they thought I was dead.
  5. Jarryd

    2010 Death Watch

    gun is the easy way out, i want to die in opiated bliss.
  6. Jarryd

    2010 Death Watch

    ironic huh? I'm just ready to end it all. I've got a possible 3 month jail sentence for trafficking with no proof its just that tenn. laws are BS. I'm just ready to end it all. I don't wanna deal with this **** no more and I don't want to have a felony charge on my record.
  7. Jarryd

    2010 Death Watch

    I'm putting myself on the list. I'm going down this year. Every time I relapse I get worse than the time before so I'm going down in a fiery OD.
  8. Jarryd

    Happy 4/20! *pics post 110*

    Oh I enjoyed but I barely smoked. Bought a quarter with the plan of ending the break in style. I could barely finish the first bowl.
  9. Jarryd

    New $100 Bill

    My first thought was heads up counterfeiters.
  10. Jarryd

    New Southpark tonight

    Same here, for some reason I just feel like they will build up a lot of suspense and then not show him.
  11. Jarryd

    Happy 4/20! *pics post 110*

    I got off probation a few days ago. Waited it out till today. I'm not gonna pass up this day.
  12. Jarryd

    Next Gen iPHONE leaked (iPhone HD)

    I might have to get one. I haven't really had my current one long so it probably depends on the price when it comes out. I'm not due for an upgrade for a while.
  13. Jarryd

    Who will be the first...

    I'd take one for sure. I can't wait to see what the aftermarket does with these things, or what they sound like with an o/r midpipe and good catback.
  14. Jarryd

    I Present The McDoubleDownGangBang

    You're right, the chicken to beef ratio is way off. The mchangbang is a decent balance, but **** that heart attack.
  15. Jarryd

    Chicken, Bacon, and Cheese. Holy crap.

    I love that ****. I put it on almost everything I eat.
  16. Jarryd


    Try riding a rickity old mower through bumpy fields for 8 hours in it. God I love my job. :rolleyes:
  17. Jarryd

    Successful DEA Raid!

    $70 :eek: that's robbery. I used to pay $250 a zip for bubblegum on a regular basis, well a stack for the qp, it was 300-320 for people who just got 1 at a time.
  18. Jarryd

    Successful DEA Raid!

    Not trolling, just don't understand why people smoke **** that looks like it was smuggled across the border up some mexicans asshole.
  19. Jarryd

    Successful DEA Raid!

    Why buy weed that isn't good? Shitty weed is just asking for a headache. I never smoked anything without a name after high school.
  20. Jarryd

    2 stock 2000 GT wheels with new tires