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  1. JoyzGreenVert00

    Mustangs At The Queen Mary show in Long Beach, CA 9/23/12

    Hey all! Mustangs at the Queen Mary 16 is coming up! Sept. 23, 2012. 10AM-4PM-ish. :D:thumbup: It's a people's choice car show. You can choose to show with your car's year class or there's also a 1994-present V6 class. You can get more information and register at Mustangs at the Queen Mary -...
  2. JoyzGreenVert00

    4 teens missing in Oregon

    A link to this story was posted in someone's status on Facebook today. I found it kind of weird that they posted a pic of the missing girl but no pics of the missing boys... :confused: They even...
  3. JoyzGreenVert00

    Hankook tire question - *Update! Got new tires!*

    ****UPDATE POST #24**** I have never owned this brand of tire. I found this craigslist ad and I wanted to ask if this was a good tire & a good price. Hankook R-S2 Tires - Brand New 265/35/18 - $650 It works out to $162.50/tire, which seems like a great deal. Are they an older model? I...
  4. JoyzGreenVert00

    New sig please

    Hey everyone! I lost ALL my photos! They were all stored on that stupid Mustang mods site!! I guess I should have put them on photobucket. :( Anyways, I need a new sig. I uploaded a couple new pics. You can use just the side shot or both the side and the front pics. I appreciate any help you...
  5. JoyzGreenVert00

    Queen Mary Mustang show in Long Beach 9/20/09

    Mustangs at the Queen Mary Long Beach, CA Sunday 9/20/09 To register, go to and click on "Queen Mary 2009" button on the left side of the page. My Turtle will be there this year! :D :thumbup:
  6. JoyzGreenVert00

    I need a sig please - pretty please!

    So, it's new sig time! Here's a couple pictures, if you only use one, the first one would be perfect. Thanks! :D :thumbup:
  7. JoyzGreenVert00

    Turtle is home! *No tire shine warning!*

    BIG THANKS to Mark at Sinergy Motorsports for fixing up my Turtle! I was so excited that I got the car back, I forgot to shine the tires! :o I'll get it all detailed and replace these pictures with really sexy ones. :D The weather didn't cooperate, it was overcast for my first set of...
  8. JoyzGreenVert00

    Not all Gold stangs can look as nice as GoldStang's...

    I'm a little embarassed to say I have that hood. :( :disgust: :thumbdown: :thumbdown: :thumbdown: :thumbdown:
  9. JoyzGreenVert00

    Chicane Sport Tuning Cruise N Show 6/28/09

    Chicane Sport Tuning is putting on its 1st Annual Cruise & Show. Gonna be a great turn out. There's gonna be stuff raffled off, a live auction with help from John from Beach City Mustangs. The Carl's Jr catering truck will be there, serving meals. Every person that replies to the email that...
  10. JoyzGreenVert00

    Fabulous Fords Forever show in Buena Park, CA

    Well, it was that time again. This is the show that really kicks off the show season here in Cali. It's an all-Fords (& Mercury) show, but Mustangs dominate. I had to work in my club's booth all day, so I didn't get to take as many photos as I would have liked. Hopefully more people will...
  11. JoyzGreenVert00

    Volunteer goodie bag stuffing for FFF at Knotts 4/18/09

    Just in case anyone in the area is bored today (Saturday), come help out! :D :thumbup: Info from an email from Jon with Beach Cities Mustang Club: The bagstuffing will be at 10:30am, in the parking lot at Knott's. Look for the 100s of people on the grass in the middle of the parking lot...
  12. JoyzGreenVert00

    FS: '73 Maverick, Exhaust tips, random stuff

    3 1/2" chrome tips - $50 shipped (shown with a 12" ruler - They're about 17" long) 99-04 V6 valve covers, need repainted. $25 shipped Stock radiator hose - $20 shipped 1973 Ford Maverick $1000 55,000 original miles, but the engine seized up so I had a used engine put...
  13. JoyzGreenVert00

    Need a police car-in-mirror chop please

    Hey all! I am a shameless Raiders fan and someone said Raiders gear gets you profiled as a gang member. So I need someone to photoshop a police car (or just the lights) in my side-view mirror in this photo: Thanks! ~Joy
  14. JoyzGreenVert00

    Pic request: vert tops

    Hey all, I'm trying to figure out what is wrong with my vert top. It's stitched wrong I think. The weather stripping is hanging out the sides. :( So what I need is a pic of the stitching on the top above the front side windows. A pic of a Cobra cloth top would be ideal, but I'll take V6/GT...
  15. JoyzGreenVert00

    WTB: Amazon/Tropic Green front bumper (any)

    My front bumper was stolen recently, I'm trying to find a Green front bumper ASAP! Paint code SU. I'll take anything! Prefer local pickup, but I'm willing to pay shipping costs plus a little extra for you if you just have one lying around collecting dust. Zip code 90501. Please include pics...
  16. JoyzGreenVert00

    WTB: Dark Charcoal steering wheel w/ cruise control buttons

    Like the title says. I had a tan steering wheel, swapped in a Dark Charcoal one, then realized it had no cruise control buttons. :o I'm going to try to spray dye my airbag Dark Charcoal to match the steering wheel, it'll be cheaper than buying a Dark Charcoal one. If you happen to have...
  17. JoyzGreenVert00

    Hillbank Motorsports glass hood for 05+ What do you think? I'll be looking out for this at shows in the next couple of months...
  18. JoyzGreenVert00

    Beach Cities Mustang Club meeting Tuesday Aug. 12 2008 7pm

    It's worth it to come just for the free dinner, LOL. ;) I'll be there.
  19. JoyzGreenVert00

    I need an artist for seat embroidery pic! (I need a turtle)

    Hey artists! I'd love to use your drawing on my seats. I'm going to have my seats recovered and I'd like to have a turtle embroidered on them in place of the ponies. I want a cartoony-looking turtle on all fours, but with wheels instead of legs. The wheels can just be circles, since I want them...
  20. JoyzGreenVert00

    I need seatbelts for a '99 Dodge ram!

    I know this is a shot in the dark, but maybe someone has pulled the seatbelts out of the rear of their extended cab Dodge Ram? I have the straps that go across your body, but I need the part in the seat that the seatbelt clicks into. The back seat is a bench seat, the back doors are...