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  1. April98

    Good dash cleaner and protectant?

    This gets my vote. A California dash duster works great too.
  2. April98

    Flowmaster American Thunder with Pace Setter H-Pipe True Dual Adapter

    This past Christmas, Santa left exhaust under the tree for me! How cool is that?:D The install was pretty straight forward but we (my Dad and I) did run into a few snags. One snag was that we didn't have access to a lift so we jacked it up in the driveway. It's do-able but not recommended...
  3. April98

    Coolant Disappearing?

    Old radiator cap.
  4. April98

    First Post

    Hey all. I wanted to let you guys know what a great site you have. I've been a member since right before I got my license in September of 2011 and have gotten a lot of good info but never posted. My parents bought me a silver 1998 Coupe a few months before I turned 16. I've been a Mustang fan as...