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    WTB: non abs brake proportioning valve 94-95

    converting my 94 gt to non-abs and last part I need is a non abs brake proportioning valve. 99+ need not apply as part is much different for latter years.
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    What the hell is going on in here?

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    99-04 intake

    I'm talking about the tubing that runs from throttle body to MAF, MAF to fenderwell. Must ship unless you live in Wichita.
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    Trying to decide whether or not to fix up my 99 V6 Mustang

    Damn thing won't start and I haven't driven it in a year and a half. When it did run, it ran like ****. Brakes are rusted, windshield is cracked and the suspension needs work among other things. I've been thinking about the possibility of trading it in on a new GT, but I hate the idea of a...
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    Need help routing non-ABS brake lines

    I bought a non ABS brake line kit for my 94 GT and can't seem to find any diagrams for routing the lines. Can anybody help me out? Looks as though I need a V6 prop valve. I took the plug off the rear of the prop valve and a spring popped out.:confused: I was hoping I could just put the line...
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    What software to backup DVDs?

    Seems like you used to have to use 2 different programs to 'backup' a DVD. Is it any easier now? What program(s) is/are best to use for even the latest DVDs out there?
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    Where to get quality headlights?

    I need new headlights (turn signals too) for my 94. Where can I get some that won't turn yellow in a week? I was looking at American Muscle, but I'm not too sure about theirs. Looking for Cobra lights with matching turn signals.
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    How do you make money on product ideas?

    I have a bunch of ideas for new products but don't know how or if I can profit off of any them. I have no engineering background to build anything. Also, I have no money. :o Is there any way I can get rich off of my ideas? :(
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    What radar detector to get?

    So whats the flavor of the moment in radar detectors? Valentine One?
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    Brake line adapter for 94 mustang

    I need that little adapter that fits between the hard brake line and the caliper hose on the driver's side on my 94 GT. The adapter has a male end and a female end. The female end is slightly smaller than the male end. I don't know the exact sizes involved. :(
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    Broke a bolt off, power extractor not working

    Okay, so I broke a bolt off working on my car. I managed to drill a hole in it with the intent of using these- to get it out. So far all I have accomplished is more drilling with these things. Is there some sort of trick to using these? I'm just using a standard Craftsman drill.
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    Deleting the side skirts on a 94

    About how much would it cost to have all the mounting holes filled?
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    Is this a good deal?|39%3A1|72%3A1171
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    Removed antenna, how to fill hole?

    I removed the antenna but now I am left with a large hole where the antenna cable enters the firewall. What can I use to plug it? Need a semi-permanent fix in case I -or someone else- decides to put it back in the future.
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    Ground strap on the hood

    My 94 has a ground strap coming off of the hood to the body. My Mazda has a steel hood and it doesnt have this. Can I remove it?
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    Trying to replace sunvisors

    I'm trying to replace the sunvisors in my 94 but I can't get the wire to come out enough to disconnect the connector. I've pulled pretty hard and so far its a no go. :(
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    LED domelights

    Looking to replace my crappy domelights. Anyone have suggestions on what LEDs to get and where to get them? I'm not looking to modify the housing.:o
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    Is 3.8 dead?

    Or is it just me? Did everyone get banned or something?:confused:
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    Power window motor install Q

    I didn't have any problem getting the power window motor out, but I'd be damned if I could get it back in. Is there a trick to reinstalling it?
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    Removing front bumper on 94

    Is there a trick to getting the tabs to release on the front bumper? I tried a screwdriver and it didnt seem to help.:(