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  1. castelano

    new here.

    Welcome to the website! I hope you enjoy your stay here, it's truly a great place! :) See you around the forums! :) Also, post some pics of your car if you have some free time :P
  2. castelano

    New here and new to a 2011 3.7

    Welcome to the forums! We're a friendly bunch here, you'll fit right in. Also, everyone would love to see some photos of your ride. Cheers!
  3. castelano

    What tires should I buy?

    I've decided to go with the BFG tires suggested above. I hope I'm making the right call here! Thank you guys for all the repleis!
  4. castelano

    What tires should I buy?

    Thanks for the suggestion, $400 with 5k miles on it sounds like a good deal to me :)
  5. castelano

    What tires should I buy?

    Thanks for the suggestion. $715 seems really reasonable. Also, I must say, I'm really jelly of your rims :P
  6. castelano

    What tires should I buy?

    I've actually heard about this website on some other forums, I'll take a look! Thank you very much!
  7. castelano

    What tires should I buy?

    Thank you for the answer I'll definitely take it into consideration. I'll look up some reviews on those tires. :)
  8. castelano

    What tires should I buy?

    Hey everyone! I've recently bought a new car, a pretty used 2004 Mustang, and I really want to "revive" it, because, currently it's not ready for the road. One of the most important things that I need are tires. What I'm currently looking for are some high performance all season tires that I can...
  9. castelano

    Offiicial What song are you listening to RIGHT NOW

    This song is brilliant. And so is DNA, which was posted just above me by another user. Actually, Kendrick's new album is great. ALL of it. Now go listen to it!
  10. castelano

    TV Discussion Thread

    On 30th of May aires the first episode of the 5th season of House of Cards! I really recommend this show, it's about politics and, well, the reality of politics, which is corruption. This is interesting even fi you're not really into politics. I love it!
  11. castelano

    Project New beginning

    I know nobody has replied to this thread in about 2 months, but I felt the need to do that. The last video you posted was crazy! Your engine sounds so good, I hope you're proud of your work. Keep up the good work, mate! Cheers!
  12. castelano

    2001 v6 turbo build

    The back of the car looks absolutely sick man! I'm really excited to see what you're doing to this car. Hopefully you'll post more pictures, maybe even videos of it as you put new mods into it. Keep up the good work!
  13. castelano

    2011 stock, what to do first

    This car looks beautiful already, but it's going to be absolutely stunning with all the mods you've listed. (and I think that's just the start, right? :P) Keep us updated and post new pics as soon as you can! I can't wait to see the modded car! Cheers!
  14. castelano

    99 Twin Turbo Build

    Damn, it looks like you spent a lot of money on this project. I'm just here wondering what kid of jobs do you guys have that you can afford such nice cars and so many mods :o
  15. castelano

    Evolution of American Iron

    Good progress on your car. Hopefully you're going to post maybe even some videos of it when it's done, so we can hear that engine's sound :)
  16. castelano

    2010 Mustang V6 premium... slow build

    Can't wait to see how this car's gonna to look like. I mean, even stock looks amazing. Keep us updated and keep up the good work! I'm waiting for more pics :D Cheers!
  17. castelano

    Toph's All Out Turbo Build

    Thanks for all the updates, it was a really interesting read, but I can't see 90% of the pictures. Can everybody see them clearly, or is it just me?
  18. castelano

    Small upgrade

    Damn, that engine sounds soooo nice, I love it! Thanks for uploading both pictures AND videos, I really like those! Keep up the good work and keep us posted :)
  19. castelano

    Official Home Projects Thread

    Hmm, I don't really know how to get rid of squirrels, sadly. One of my neighbors actually had this problem and I think he managed to fix it somehow. Maybe I could ask him, but right now he's on vacation.
  20. castelano

    Official Home Projects Thread

    Heh, I remember the good old times. Not so easy anymore, now that I have a wife and child. I sure do miss those days...