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  1. JoyzGreenVert00

    Mustangs At The Queen Mary show in Long Beach, CA 9/23/12

    Hey all! Mustangs at the Queen Mary 16 is coming up! Sept. 23, 2012. 10AM-4PM-ish. :D:thumbup: It's a people's choice car show. You can choose to show with your car's year class or there's also a 1994-present V6 class. You can get more information and register at Mustangs at the Queen Mary -...
  2. JoyzGreenVert00

    Smoked Headlight questions

    Not seeing the road at night is the price you have to pay to be sexy. ;) :cool:
  3. JoyzGreenVert00


    I know this thread is 3 months old, but I was wondering if you decided on wingless? My car is wingless & I don't really like it, but it's staying that way until I get another '03/04 Cobra wing.
  4. JoyzGreenVert00

    So. Cal daily chat thread

    Wow... :wtf: :disgust:
  5. JoyzGreenVert00

    So. Cal daily chat thread

    LOL I can't believe this thread is still going! WTG guys! Or should I say get a life?! ROFL. ;) I've missed you guys. :D
  6. JoyzGreenVert00

    How come bullitt wheels don't come in a 18x10.5?

    I feel your pain, I always wanted 18x10.5 Bullitts. I could have sworn they had them back in '04 when I bought mine, but they were too pricey for me. So there may be some floating around out there... 8 year old ones... :-(
  7. JoyzGreenVert00

    Guy dies watching new Twilight movie due to...

    My daughter (team Jacob) read the books and liked the movies, but she hated Eclipse. I make my husband take her to see the movies, LOL. I have no interest in seeing them. If the movie was so bad that my daughter hated it, I could see it boring someone to death, lol.
  8. JoyzGreenVert00

    03-04 cobra front on a 94-98

    I think you need to buy a 99-04 Mustang! :D :thumbup:
  9. JoyzGreenVert00

    What should I do next?

    Please copy your friend (96StAnG3.8,) their Mustang is clean and done very nicely! :cool: :D :thumbup: If you like things that stick out, even if it looks ridiculous, (your own words) then there is no hope for you my friend. :sleep: P.S. Scissor doors are the same as lambo doors. :thumbdown:
  10. JoyzGreenVert00

    99-04 spoiler on a 94-98

    Gotcha! OK I'm searching through my pictures...
  11. JoyzGreenVert00

    99-04 spoiler on a 94-98

    Specifically which one are you thinking of? 99-00 is different from 01-04.
  12. JoyzGreenVert00

    4 teens missing in Oregon

    I absolutely love that show! Tell her to call me! ;) I have to record it and watch it while my husband is at work... actually, that's what I have to do with all my shows: Hoarders, COPS, Most Haunted, anything on TLC, Animal Planet, or Discovery Health... :lol: Joe will watch House, Chuck...
  13. JoyzGreenVert00

    4 teens missing in Oregon

    LOL! They ended up about 30 miles away from me! I could have gone for a drive and found them! :p I'm glad they're safe & all, but I thought this was looking like a future episode of Forensic Files...
  14. JoyzGreenVert00

    June photoshoot

    Great photoshoot, the car looks really mean in that front shot! :cool: The only thing that really kept catching my eye was that sucked-in rear wheel. IMO, since you're set on keeping the wheels, you need a 1" spacer out back. I have 18x9 Bullitts and the spacer pushes the wheel out just right! :D
  15. JoyzGreenVert00

    4 teens missing in Oregon

    A link to this story was posted in someone's status on Facebook today. I found it kind of weird that they posted a pic of the missing girl but no pics of the missing boys... :confused: They even...
  16. JoyzGreenVert00

    Ugh FML she wont start.

    How long have you had the car? Did you buy it used? Does it have the stock air intake? I'm asking because my friend went to put a K&N air filter on his stock intake and he found one of those Tornado things in the intake and it had turned sideways. His car...
  17. JoyzGreenVert00

    Salve (Hello) from PA!

    It's Dark Shadow Grey. :D Mineral Grey was discontinued in early '03, only Cobras were that color that year. ;)
  18. JoyzGreenVert00

    Hows Business

    My husband is in the pool business. He managed a retail pool supply store and he was laid off recently. :( Luckily he was hired by another company to clean pools and do repairs. Repairs picked up this month (EVERYONE wanted their pool up and running for Memorial Day parties!) He was...
  19. JoyzGreenVert00

    Whats the difference Btwn hub centric and non hub centric spacers?

    Basically, hub centric spacers have a lip in the middle and it fits into the rotor to hold it snug. Non-hub centric relies on the bolts to keep it centered, also called lug centric I believe... The guy...
  20. JoyzGreenVert00

    Salve (Hello) from PA!

    Welcome to 3.8! What color is the car? Only 3 more posts then you can post pictures!! :D :thumbup: