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  1. amustangrocks

    New Padded Leather Armrest cover for the 2010+ cars

    We came out with a new padded leather armrest cover for the new cars and its pretty cool. we have only been selling it to forum members so far and its not up on the website yet for the public. check out some pics and info on the "amustangrocksleather" thread
  2. amustangrocks

    adjustable panhard bar

    picked up a adjustable aluminum J&M panhard bar. when i put the wide tires on i could see the rear end was about 1/4"-1/2" off center. most people wouldnt notice but its been driving me crazy for a couple years. i`m gonna wait for it to warm up a little before i mess with it. thought i`d make a...
  3. amustangrocks

    Shaftmasters Driveshaft

    ive got 109,000 on my oem and its held up to some serious torture, but i think the u joints have about had it. i`m gonna check it out real good this weekend. its still driving ok and ive been waiting for years for them to crap out but dang it it just keeps going. shaftmasters has the 3.5" on...
  4. amustangrocks

    Ford Factory Workshop Mauals

    hey thought i would post this up. i bought the entire set of oem mauals from this place. the manuals are slightly used but in very good condition, like almost new, of the 3 i got i dont think 2 of them were ever really used. they were not cheap, the 05 workshop manual is over 3,000 pages, i also...
  5. amustangrocks

    embedding video

    how can i embed a video on this forum from youtube? or can we?
  6. amustangrocks

    hit a small animal last night and got lucky

    had something run out and in frt of me doing about 45 in the dark last night, it happened so fast i couldnt tell what it was but it was fast. thinking a fox or maybe a cat. heard the thump and thought the worst for the car. turned out it just knocked the chin spoiler loose, pulled out 1 screw...
  7. amustangrocks

    05 mustang electronic features gone bad

    some ford engineer decided it would be a great idea to have a drop down door window feature, so when you open the door, the glass drops 1/4", then when you close the door it raises up. pretty stupid idea really. when your windows are iced up it doesnt drop and you can force the door open but...
  8. amustangrocks

    chatboz? imbed videos?

    hey is it just me or is the chatbox gone? the last thing i wrote didnt make it on there but now i cant open it up says full. is there a way to imbed videos in the post? thanks, mike
  9. amustangrocks

    Decklid Black Out Panel

    so i got the black out panel in the winter, but you know how it goes when you get a part in the winter, we headed outside to hold it on the car and see what it will look like. "bend over a little so your not in the picture". the black out panel looked pretty good so its on the car now :)
  10. amustangrocks

    05 4.0 emblems

    so ive had the 4.0 high performance fender badges for years and the chrome plastic was looking really bad. so i decided to go a little more plain and just get the 4.0 which are a little bigger from mustangunlimited. big time modding :)
  11. amustangrocks

    Couple pics of the V6IN8R

    heres my 05, 108,000 on her. shes got some scars now but still looking pretty good. then there was the "move it along hot rod freak, this is a childrens playground here!!" really though, the area cops are ok and they like my car :)
  12. amustangrocks

    05 OEM springs V6,GT,bullitt

    a buddy sent me some takeoff springs from a bullitt. i had just bought a set of gt springs to try out. so tonight i installed the bullitts on the frt. it got too late to really check it out, so tomorrow i`ll get the take on them. the car is not settled in yet but first impression is it sits...
  13. amustangrocks

    05 strut mounts and frt end rattles

    i havent had much luck with the strut mounts. the originals lasted about 45,000 and the frt end rattled like an old beater going down a bumpy road. replaced the shocks and struts with gt parts from new takeoff and installed new mounts from the dealer. that set lasted about 35,000 and it rattled...
  14. amustangrocks

    05 poor made crank pulleys

    this was such a common problem for the mustangs and the ford trucks that it should have been a recall that fords squeeked by with. they knew these parts were defective and did do alot of them under warranties. the replacement pulleys are alot better. after replacing it i ended up replacing it...
  15. amustangrocks

    7.5 TLOK and motive 3.73 gears

    its such a shame they quit making the 7.5 t loks. ive put 50k on mine since i installed it and its still going strong even with the torture of the 275/50 tires and my gas pedal itch :crazy: thought i would post a pic of a open diff with the oem 3.31 and one of the t lok with the 3.73 ring gear...
  16. amustangrocks

    just showing off my chrome diff cover

    got this 7.5" cover from cjpony for around $28. you cant really see it from the rear cause the car sits low but its still pretty cool
  17. amustangrocks

    OEM stereo swap

    my car came with the single disk base model radio. i got a shaker 1000 used from a guy and it plugged right in and worked great. didnt have any issues that some say like needing to re program data ect. i cant say it sounds any different, but the features are nice. i did pick up the 2 frt amps...
  18. amustangrocks

    UPR control arms installed

    i never had any wheel hop issues, but when i put the t lok and gears in the car, i decided some control arms would be a nice add. the lowers were easy enough to install but the upper was a real pita. had to remove the bracket thats bolted through the car under the rear seat as theres no room to...
  19. amustangrocks

    Torsion hood pin fix

    put some old school stainless hood pins on my car, from mustangsunlimited a while back, with the torsion clips, and i couldnt stand how after diving all week the pins would be off to one side or the other as far as they could move so i used a thin wheel on my bench grinder and ground a little...
  20. amustangrocks

    05 Replacing worn drivers bottom seat foam

    I replaced my fabric seat covers with the leather takeoffs ( which are mostly vinyl) around 50k. by 100k the wing on the bottom of the driv seat was broke down and showing signs of the leather messing up with it. so i replaced the foam. heres a little write up. i have basic seats (no power) but...